What one BIC prof learned first semester

1/05/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

BIC professor and PR Track Director, Frank Walton, has posted at CommPRO.biz about "What I Learned in the First Semester about Integrated Communications." 

Frank's observations are based on his insights from interacting with an extraordinary group of BIC students -- our first, the class of 2015 -- but also based on discussions with the full-time faculty, with our adjunct faculty who are currently in leadership positions in the marketing communications services industries, and with our highly regarded group of official and unofficial advisers and friends in the advertising, PR, digital, communications research, and design communities.

Frank Walton, Ph.D.
Director, PR Track, BIC
Spoiler alert: his conclusion is  -- "We have more to learn."  Are you interested in being at an epicenter about where the future of integrated communications is being explored?  And do you want to be prepared for that future? Curious?  Click here.