It's GOLD -- BIC's second ONE Show Pencil in two years.

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For the second year in a row and besting well-established college programs, a BIC team has been awarded The ONE Club's highest honor: the GOLD Pencil.  

The BIC team of Enmanuel VargasYulia LesnichayaSurabhi Govindarajan, and Tung-Han Lin has won the 2017 Young Ones Competition GOLD Pencil in the Social Impact category for “VIDEALL,” a partnership proposal between two tech giants: Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Sign Language Translator. VIDEALL is a plug-in that converts audio, subtitles or closed captioning from online video into sign language  which will bring digital inclusion to the 360 million hearing impaired.

The BIC team of Sean Feol-BaughKacy CharlesFidel Frias, and Joseph Yoo have won a 2017 MERIT award for “Three to Free,” a one-of-a-kind partnership between five of the world’s largest telecoms companies to help stop human trafficking. Facilitated by Partners Global, their proposal tasks telecoms with rolling out the latest generation of emergency call tracking to create a single international emergency call number: 323. The service will automatically direct calls based on the country of origin to local law enforcement with specific location data so that all users may speak to someone in their native language. Individuals do not even need to speak to activate this service.

The awards were given during an SRO crowd at The One Show's YO Ceremony at Google event space on Tuesday evening, May 9th. Nearly 15 BICsters filled the space and added color to a boisterous celebration. According to One Club President Kevin Swanepoel, this year's winners were chosen from its largest pool of international submissions ever (from Milan to Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro to Stockholm) by a jury of top industry professionals and educators.

It was a busy day. Earlier, two BIC teams (that included two undergrads) were among 9 finalists in the Client Pitch presentation where they showcased their social impact campaigns to judges from Partners Global Partners, the United Nations and BBDO. Henrik Bakke-Hareise, Carmen Quang, and Francesco  Rizzo pitched "Donuts for Peace" which partners Dunkin Donuts and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to bring common values to American consumers in a truly delicious way. Alex ElkoninaTannya LunaMichael Mangal, and Nilda Valdez pitched "Mission Monkey Bars" which partners Little Tykes and the US Army to provide playgrounds to refugee children as a fundamental right to play.

A BIG BIC congrats to all the BIC teams with kudos going to the awesome guidance and support of BIC instructor Jason Stefanik and BIC Creative Track Director Gerardo Blumenkrantz

More about Creative Week:  this year, it was held from May 7-12 in New York. It is the preeminent festival showcasing the intersection of advertising, innovation and creative thinking. Home to The ONE Show, Young Ones Competition, The ONE Show Creative Summit as well as networking and learning events that highlight the power of creativity, it will attract thousands of creative types from all over the world.

More about The ONE ClubThe One Club exists to champion and promote excellence in advertising and design in all its forms. It is the world's foremost non-profit organization devoted to elevating creative work in the industry. It seeks to celebrate the legacy of creative advertising and to use that legacy to inspire future generations. The One Club is the 'keeper of the flame' for advertising creatives. The One Show remains the pinnacle of achievement by providing a showcase of the world’s best work, and by inviting collaboration among individuals who are actively developing outstanding work.  Further, The One Club exists to educate and inspire students of the business and to benefit the next generation of creatives through scholarships, portfolio reviews and annual student exhibitions and competitions. 

BICsters Help Bring CCNY’s 170 Year Anniversary to Life

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What if your college were turning 170 and no one had  “sealed the deal”? As interns in the CCNY President’s Office, that’s the question that BICsters Marta Mugica, RocĂ­o Rivera and Namrata Kupte-Jadhav (BIC '17) were asking when they discovered that there was no major marker for this momentous milestone. So they dug into the college’s history, found interesting stories to celebrate, and asked BIC Professor Gerardo Blumenkrantz and BIC Board Member Gustavo Stecher to design a special logo using the CCNY seal. 

For their efforts, the entire group was honored this week at The Presidential Awards Gala which took place this year on May 2 in one of New York’s most majestic rooms, The Great Hall of Shepard Hall. In tuxedos and ball gowns, BICsters made this great space even greater.  

Each year, the Presidential Awards Gala brings together hundreds of leaders in business, politics, education and communications to raise proceeds for the Presidential Awards Fund. Proceeds from the event go to supporting City College's Fund for Excellence, including student scholarships, faculty support and improvements to the campus. This year, it also celebrated the college's unique heritage and to honor 170 years of Townsend Harris’s bold experiment to “let the children of the rich and the poor take their seats together and know of no distinction save that of industry, good conduct, and intellect.”
See the logo come to life in this video

TWO BICster Teams Make ONE Show Client Pitch

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A BIG BIC Congrats to the TWO BIC teams that have been selected for The ONE Show's 2017 Social Brief Client Pitch. Just ten teams from around the globe were selected to pitch their work directly to a panel of judges at 12:30PM on Tuesday, May 9th at West Edge (88 10th Avenue). That means that 2 out of 10 teams are from BIC! The winners will receive a $2,000 prize and will be announced at the awards ceremony later that night.

This year's Client Pitch teams will include BICsters (and two undergrads!):

Henrik Bakke-Hareise, Carmen Quang, and Francesco  Rizzo will pitch "Donuts for Peace" which partners Dunkin Donuts and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to bring common values to American consumers in a truly delicious way. Alex Elkonina, Tannya Luna, Michael Mangal, and Nilda Valdez will pitch "Mission Monkey Bars" which partners Fischer Price and the US Army to provide playgrounds to refugee children as a fundamental right to play.

We are especially grateful to BIC instructor Jason Stefanik for guiding BICsters to great heights along with support from the entire BIC family...

ABOUT: The Client Pitch Competition offers students a chance to win an award by pitching their Young Ones Competition entries to a group of top creatives and client representatives. While the Young Ones Competition is judged solely by creative excellence and idea, the Client Pitch Competition is judged by the participants' ability to create and articulate a focused strategy and the persuasiveness of the marketing pitch.

The One Club will select the best submissions, and the finalist teams will give a 10-minute live presentation to a panel of judges in May in New York City. The winning team will then be announced and awarded with $2,000 at the One Show Young Ones Awards Ceremony.