Gerardo Blumenkrantz Talks the Talk at the One Club's Creative Boot Camp

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The One Club's Creative Boot Camp offers students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the best agencies and creatives working today. This year's first boot camp was hosted by Wunderman and took place in the company’s NYC headquarters, January 26-29.

During the four-day boot camp, students get the chance to showcase their creative talents. Participants are introduced to the advertising industry, learn about the creative process, and ultimately create and present a campaign for a real client.

Prof. Nancy Tag, BIC's program director, has been involved with the event since its inception and CCNY was fundamental in the creation of the boot camp. This year CCNY was represented by Prof. Gerardo Blumenkrantz, the BIC program's creative track director. Prof. Blumenkrantz shared a visual presentation on the importance of expressing a message in a memorable way, as opposed to simply stating it—which constitutes the basics of a creative's job.

If you are a student interested in working in the advertising industry, The One Club is a great resource! There'll be more boot camps this year in other major U.S. cities. Learn more about The One Club’s inclusion and diversity programs here.

The New York Times on George Lois' Epic Gift to CCNY

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BIC is so lucky to have among its biggest champions the prolific, legendary ad man, George Lois. He sits on our Advisory Board and attends BIC networking parties, mentoring BIC students who often form a semi-circle around him at events, catching every bit of genius they can gather, while they have his attention.

The New York Times recently profiled Lois' esteemed career and his decision to donate his archive to City College in An Adman’s Big Pitch: His Life’s Work.
“From the time I was in my early 30s,” Mr. Lois said, “people wanted my archives.”

He knew Edward Keller, an associate professor at City College, who had worked in advertising. “And about six months ago, my wife said, ‘George, why don’t you give your archives to City College?’ ” Mr. Lois said.

He knew the neighborhood. He went to the High School of Music and Art when it was near City College, in the Manhattan building on West 135th Street that now houses the A. Philip Randolph Campus High School.

“George Lois is extremely important to us because we have a new program, a master’s program in advertising, branding and integrated communications,” said Jeffrey F. Machi, the vice president for development and institutional advancement of City College. “George Lois’s work is extremely critical to our ability to provide a unique approach to our advertising program.”

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Also read the announcement on CCNY.CUNY.EDU.

Photo credit: Damon Winter/The New York Times