Not a meltdown. A re-branding.

10/10/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

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David Johnson, CEO at Strategic Vision, LLC, argued yesterday at that Miley Cyrus "is staging one of the most successful rebrandings in recent history. . . . . Yet for all the buzz about her new image and whether it is smart or not, what we are not hearing about or witnessing are stories like we have seen in the past about Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears when their antics and behavior affected their brands. The reason is that with Cyrus, we are seeing a well crafted and executed rebranding strategy and not behavior problems. She may be risque in her branding, but she isn't damaged goods."

AdWeek also picks up the theme with an article by John Tejada: "Miley: Textbook Case of the Inevitable Teen Star Rebrand."  Tejeda, however, does see a  gamble in Cyrus' (and her management's) strategy: ". . . brands that might have courted the younger Cyrus won't want to touch her now. . . . Unlike Taylor Swift, who can still reach young girls because of her relatively clean-cut persona, Cyrus is now speaking exclusively to an older demographic."