Coke: losing fizz

10/11/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

John Miziolek, Presdient and CEO of Reset Branding, takes Coca-Cola to task in a Fast Company blog yesterday. Miziolek reflects on the reasons why Interbrand's brand value list for 2013 shows Coca-Cola slipping -- mostly, according to Miziolek, because Coke "has not done enough to change its strategy and revamp its product line" to be in sync with market shifts away from obesity-driving product and toward authentically healthful beverages. Coke is stuck, says Miziolek, in products and marketing that don't look forward. Of the new products and line extensions over the past five years, Miziolek writes,  "the geniuses at Coca-Cola simply reached out and grabbed  the newest way to secretly sell the public unhealthy sugar water!"