BIC Board Member Hayes Roth Sums Up The Future of Advertising

2/02/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

BIC Board member Hayes Roth has penned a perspective on the future of advertising and marketing. He participated in Wharton’s Future of Advertising 2020 Annual Meeting late in 2015, where 50 thought leaders in marketing communications disciplines around the world gathered to envision the future. Hayes was asked to share his personal perspective on the advertising industry and posted his thoughts in a Q&A on LinkedIn

In the article, Roth explores the changing client/agency relationship and the breakdown of traditional marketing and communications silostwo major topics of study in our Spring 2016 curriculum here at BIC.

Hayes Roth is principal of HA Roth Consulting and former CMO of Landor Associates. As a BIC Board member, Roth has helped shape the program and curriculum, and continuously counsels BIC students on the future of the industry.