Evolution of Creative Advertising in Spain and the US

2/20/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Professor and BIC Creative Track Director Gerardo Blumenkrantz along with BIC students Marta Mugica and RocĂ­o Rivera (both BIC '17) have been chosen by The Second International Congress to lead a panel on "The Evolution of Creative Advertising in Spain and the US" at this year's conference on Historical Links between Spain and North America. It will be held in New York City from May 4th to 7th, 2016.

Professor Blumenkrantz is the panel coordinator who will introduce the theme and panelists. Rocio will speak for 15 min on the evolution of advertising in the U.S. Then Marta will do the same for Spanish advertising. All panelists will compare commercials from both countries as they relate to male stereotyping. Having had an opportunity to set up the historical context and having dissected some actual work, Professor Blumenkrantz will conclude by taking questions or comments from the audience.

Marta and Rocio's submissions were based on analysis that they began to formulate in BIC's foundation course in Idea Development taught by Professors Nancy Tag and Blumenkrantz. 

Conference locations are as follows: 

City College of New York (CUNY) 
Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE 
25 Broadway, 7th Floor 
New York, NY 10004 


Instituto Cervantes: New York 
211 E 49th St. 
New York, NY 10017 

The first draft of the official program will be available on March 7 on the conference website: http://www.historicallinks.com