Lights. Camera. Ready for Action.

2/28/2016 Anonymous 0 Comments

The BIC team of Professors Gerardo Blumenkrantz and Nancy R. Tag met at the Mexican Consulate on Wednesday, February 24th to discuss final plans to shoot three videos as part of their social marketing communications campaign to increase HPV vaccination rates among Mexican immigrants. They were joined by Dr. Abraham Aragones of Memorial Sloan Kettering and Executive Producer/Filmmaker Emilio Rincones.

In addition to shooting two videos welcoming visitors to the Mexican Consulate and explaining the value of its health center, a longer piece will pay tribute to the struggles of typical immigrant workers who see their ongoing sacrifices as an investment in their children's future -- a future which will be more guaranteed by vaccinating them against certain types of cancers.

This effort is part of a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering, this campaign is being funded by a $750,000 grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).