The New Nomad Class

2/21/2016 Anonymous 0 Comments

PSFK just released its latest report, the Rise of the Nomad Class, and BIC Program Director Nancy Tag was invited to a sneak peek early Monday morning as PSFK enthusiasts gathered at the CORE Club in Midtown. In its usual dynamic fashion, PSFK has examined the untethered lifestyles of a growing cross-generational tribe of educated, influential and affluent professionals. Exploring the trends emerging around the lifestyle of this group of early adopters and how they will impact the mainstream in the next 18-36 months, PSFK’s Nomad Class Debrief is now available online.

Key takeaways from the engaging session are that these nomads are looking for company culture that travels, their interests have shifted from ownership to access, they are keenly engaged in the experience economy (where a FOMO mindset can result in “experience envy”), and that their nomadic existence relies on the boundless potential of the cloud.