She Works Hard for the Money

4/11/2015 Unknown 0 Comments

If only we could talk about our salaries the way we talk about sales... 

Organizer and moderator Neisha Tweed gathered four successful women in advertising to explore that issue for a panel discussion entitled "She Works Hard for the Money." Hosted by BIC on March 17th, this all female affair allowed pros to share their stories and offer advice about getting what you’re worth and managing your money like a boss. From negotiating an offer to investing in your 401K, the topics covered the questions students have but are too nervous to ask --  and some of the things you didn't even know you should be asking. 

It was an educational and empowering conversation that broke down the job offer process, unveiled salary ranges in the industry, demystified 401Ks and gave practical tips on everything from talking to recruiters and starting an emergency fund. Attendees were able to jump in, ask questions, share their stories and get straight-forward advice from the panelists and each other, making it a truly intimate and impactful. 

Khara Wagner, Shameka Brown Barbosa, Rati Vaishya, Neisha Tweed, Cristina Pyle

Panelists included Christina Pyle, Director for ADCOLOR and Diversity & Inclusion Supervisor at Omnicom Group, Khara Wagner, Group Account Director, Shameka Barbosa Brown, Freelance Creative Director and Adjunct Professor at City College, Rati Vaishya, Talent strategist at McCann New York. The event was hosted by Neisha Tweed, Associate Creative Director and blogger, 

Selected comments from Attendees: 

* I learned so much that day and even started a savings. It's a small step but good one. :) 

* While college prepares you with the essential skills to be competitive in the job market, lectures are rarely geared toward managing the fruits of your labor.  The conversation we had was candid and powerful. It reminded me that as a woman of color it is my responsibility to be an exceptional worker and to insist I always receive the compensation I deserve.

* One of the most empowering things was hearing the panel of women talk about both the obstacles and achievements over the span of their careers. Neisha and the panelists reassured women that it isn't just okay to know of their worth and defend it in the workplace, but that it is important to do so in an effort to close the gender wage gap.

* It was beyond phenomenal.You have no idea how much the experience is already resonating with me and could not have come at a better time. I have found myself once again reevaluating a few major things in my life and I find that when I reach that point, it's usually my gut pushing me to make some changes, whether big or small.