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A PARADE OF PROS came to campus last week to give advice, feedback and basically "kick ass" in BIC's weeklong Portfolio Bootcamp held exclusively for the BIC Class of 2015. All soon-to-be-grads skipped normal classroom hours to attend daily portfolio development sessions. Each evening was dedicated to refining specific elements of the professional portfolio in anticipation of the portfolio defense required of each graduating BIC student in May of 2015.

Monday kicked things off with a focus on case study development. Filmmaker and artist, Ash Meer; Director of Foresight, Manoj Fenelon; and Creative Director, John Colquhoun, were on hand to offer storytelling and video editing adviceTuesday was content night featuring Public Relations Consultant Sandra Stahl of jacobstahl, inc. and Monique Tapie, Vice President and Co-Founder of Triomphant Communications. Wednesday focused on design and digital platforms and covered best practices for showcasing portfolio pieces online. Featured mentors included Art Director/Branding Specialist, Gerardo Cid, and Web Strategist, Gahlord DewaldThursday night dug deeper into content development, with mentors Laura Bowles, former Partner/Managing Director of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Creative Director Nick Scordato, and Courtney Kozloski, Graphic Designer at Gravity. 

Throughout the week, BIC students were paired in one-on-one sessions with each mentor and gained invaluable feedback and personalized attention late into the night. On behalf of BIC Class of 2015, we give an ENTHUSIASTIC "thank you!!!" to all of the mentors who took the time to offer their professional expertise, tips, and tools for creative and strategic enhancements to student portfolios. We look forward to seeing the results in May!

Feedback + Food on Day FOUR of the Bootcamp
Filmmaker, designer, artist, writer, Ash Meer.
Creative Director John Colquhoun. 
Ash Meer and BIC student Batikan Aslan.
Director of Foresight, Manoj Fenelon consults with BIC student Ruth Ogbeab.
Art Director + Branding Specialist Gerardo Cid and Web Strategist Gahlord Dewald.
Yanin DeJesus gets advice from Graphic Designer Courtney Kosloski.
Ruth Ogbeab and Laura Bowles formerly of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.