An Afternoon to Feed Your Curiosity: BIC Virtual Open House

10/14/2020 Unknown 0 Comments


Curious about becoming a #BICster? Join us on Wed, Oct 28th to learn more, experience virtually, and be inspired by The BIC Open House. 

Our unique 36-credit, portfolio-driven master's degree program combines theory and practice in an interdisciplinary, multi-tracked curriculum. Who are BICsters? Idea catalysts. Culture creators. Social Do-Gooders. Communication strategists. Creative managers. PR activators. Conceptualizers. Wordsmiths. Designers. Brand galvanizers. Problem solvers. Forward thinkers. Lateral thinkers. Deep thinkers. Non-Bloviators... Sound like you? Join us and find out more of what it takes to be part of the BIC program. 

The open house will kick off with The BIC Info Session at 4:30PM - 5:30PM where prospective BICsters will hear from BIC Program Director Nancy R. Tag and Program Manager Marlene Leo with an overview of the program and details on how to package your application. You will also have the opportunity to hear from a current BICster, plus time for Q&A -- come with questions!

Next up, join us for our signature @BIC Lecture series with StrawberryFrog's Founder and Chairman Scott Goodson's "Brand Purpose: Measuring Meaning with the Purpose Power Index". The lecture will take place between 6:00PM-7:00PM. 

Scott will expand on his recent Inc. Magazine article, "How does your brand purpose stand up?" which introduces the Purpose Power Index, the world's first empirical study of purpose-based brands with 17,500 responses. Partnering with well-regarded research firm the RepTrak Company, Scott's team at StrawberryFrog has cracked the code on how to measure brand purpose -- finding that purpose does indeed matter to the public, clearly driving behavioral intent.

The final part of the Open House is down to you. Take your pick to see BIC in action and sit in on one of our classes including either:

One of BIC's foundational courses: B2002 Idea Development taught by BIC Professor and Director Nancy Tag.


One of BIC's elective courses: B2050 Strategic Media taught by BIC Adjunct Professor Carole Walker.

Both will take place at 7:00PM - 8:00PM via Zoom. 

Curious? Register NOW to reserve your spot today! We look forward to welcoming you soon.