BIC Welcomes Scott Lachut As New Adjunct Professor

1/08/2020 Unknown 0 Comments

As the fourth course in BIC's foundation sequence, B2003 Brand Experience is all about exploring the moments that make a brand come to life and build brand value for consumers. All semester long, students examine the value of experiences from the tactile to the virtual, from traditional to "just on the horizon." That's why BIC is particularly excited to welcome Scott Lachut this Spring 2020 as BIC's latest professor to teach Brand Experience.

Scott is partner and president of Research & Strategy at PSFK, a business intelligence platform that helps creative professionals as they develop new products, services, and experiences. For over 12 years, he has helped build PSFK's trends and innovation consultancy to continually provide insights that help world-class brands like Apple, BMW, Samsung, Target, American Express, Intel, and NBC evolve their businesses. PSFK helps brands, retailers, and their partners identify and leverage innovation opportunities through a mix of trends reports, immersive events, insight-rich newsletters, custom services, and on-demand research.  

In his role at PSFK, Scott studies shifts in consumers, culture, technology and the marketplace to understand the current context, and potential impacts. This research allows him to paint a picture of the future, identify new opportunities, and develop strategies for how to take advantage of them. He works with a diverse range of companies here in the United States and abroad helping them to innovate their retail, marketing, product, and customer experience. He regularly shares his thought leadership with global audiences at events like SXSW, CES and NRF. With all that, he's actually happiest when contemplating the future of his next meal. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, philosophy, and religious studies from Syracuse University.

Welcome, Scott Lachut, to the BIC faculty!