Innovation in Action

4/03/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

On March 26th, Steven White, founder of Seven Studio, flew in from Chicago to take BICsters in Professor Brian Crook’s Brand Experience class through the FourSight four-step process. FourSight uses the framework — clarify, ideate, develop and implement — as both a universal and instinctive process. Intuitive language makes it “sticky” for groups and organizations that want to transform the way people work together to solve problems. The simplicity and flexibility of the FourSight framework allows it to play well with other models—design thinking and other innovation and creative thinking approaches—so FourSight can function as a catalyst to existing approaches.

FourSight is used extensively in Fortune 500 and small innovative companies to enhance team effectiveness and help leaders build self awareness and confidence throughout the innovation process.

Currently the Lead Strategist, Partner and Founder of Seven, Steven White recently took Siegel + Gale through a similar exercise (which included Brian Crooks). For over 15 years, Steven has been developing successful brand and innovation strategies for big brands such as Allstate, Siemens and LexisNexis — as well as a few scrappy tech startups. Steven White has a Masters in Design and Innovation Methods from IIT Institute of Design.