P&G's Force for Good. Force for Growth.

10/30/2019 Unknown 0 Comments

P&G’s Jeremy K. Smith inspired an SRO crowd at our first @BIC of the semester "Force for Good. Force for Growth.” His presentation detailed how Procter & Gamble has been harnessing the societal shift that requires successful brands to have a point of view and take a stance on everyday issues that connect with consumers. Starting first by amplifying brand impact, P&G learned lessons from its groundbreaking campaign “Like a Girl” for Always and Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be.”

As one of America's leading consumer goods corporations, P&G drives CSR success by aligning brand promise with social issues that ultimately provide functional value in five areas: education, entertainment, utility, access and community. This empowers its efforts to not just “feel good,” but good for brand growth in socially responsible and sustainable ways.

By codifying its approach and being prepared for an intense and speedy life cycle of public reaction to provocative creative (Praise/Backlash/Advocacy), P&G was able to apply those brand successes to its own recent corporate social responsibility campaigns such as “The Talk” and “The Look.”

The audience was treated to behind-the-scenes thinking and Procter & Gamble’s evolution into being a more prominent voice on social issues. Beyond the emotional messaging, Jeremy challenged those interested in making an impact to increase opportunities in the owned media space where the dialogue can continue and become more actionable. When asked for career advice, he championed his own path that started on the agency side: "That's where you learn how it all fits together. You have more doors open to you from there."

@BIC's "Force for Good. Force for Growth" followed BIC's Fall Open House. Many who attended not only stayed around for this lecture, but sat in on Professor Belle Frank's Research class.

ABOUT: Jeremy K. Smith is entering his 3rd year with Procter & Gamble where he leads digital strategy for corporate communications. This role is responsible for 43 PG.com's around the world and the U.S. social media accounts.

His inspiration stems from a fascination with the ever-changing worlds of tech and new media. Jeremy's skill-set is built on leveraging technology, remaining aware of emerging digital/social trends, redefining how content is delivered, discovering new storytelling methods, and creating social media marketing strategies. His influence has impacted global brands including Verizon Wireless, The Estate of Tupac Shakur, Nissan Automotive, D'USSÉ, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Little Caesars, Chick-fil-A, Bacardi International, and Jordan Brand.

Jeremy's mission is to change the way people interact with each other and connect with the real world. He's an alum and on the advisory board of the Marcus Graham Project where he mentored two BICsters Natalie Alcide BIC '19 and Kelvin Morales BIC '19 who fortuitously introduced Jeremy to BIC Program Director Nancy Tag last Spring.