Whitney Delgado’s Journey from Art to Shinola

5/14/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

On May 2nd, guest lecturer Whitney Delgado not only spoke about how store design, merchandising, and product development impacts brand perception and experience, but took students in Brian Crooks' Brand Experience class on her own career journey.  It has been an evolution from art, to set design, to merchandising, to retail design, to now leading new product development at Shinola. Her career highlights how design and the consumers experience of a brands products, services, and retail stores have become essential to market success. Shinola, which is based in Detroit, is dedicated to producing American built products, including watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals of the highest possible quality. 

Whitney previously did Brand Experience and Creative Direction at Nike Stadium BHDLN Rogan Loomstate and Edun. Before that she was Set Designer for photographer Gregory Crewdson on Beneath the Roses and Anne Leibovitz on Lavazza Coffee campaign. She is passionate about the role design plays in business. Her work is a manifestation of deep exploration and research paired with a clear aesthetic sensibility that brings out the essential character of the brands she works with.