Adweek Showcases BICster Castro Desroches

5/07/2016 Anonymous 0 Comments

On Thursday, May 5th, Adweek dedicated an entire article to BICster Castro Desroches' unique approach to his portfolio. The article titled "This Art Director Put His Entire Portfolio and Biography on Instagram as Two Giant Grids:  A Life and a Career, 'Frame by Frame'" garnered over a thousand shares in less two days. Feature writer Patrick Coffee included the entire length of Castro's Instagram portfolio as well as a link to the portfolio-driven BIC program.

According to Castro, his Instagram portfolio @castro.frame is "a timeline of my artistic milestones, when I was in school, certain things in my early childhood and a startup I had a while back." Most of the individual entries include additional information leading to a "Skill Acquired" conclusion. And throughout the chronology he interspersed video snippets of early computer-focused TV shows, Dragonball Z clips and software demos to better illustrate his progression.

Coffee writes: "The set Instagram layout allowed him to experiment a bit. At a specified 'Turning Point' and 'Pivotal Moment' in the story, users must physically turn their phones to view it correctly."

Read the full article here.