Ketchum's Barri Rafferty on Secrets of a Female CEO

4/06/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Coming straight from the airport to campus,  Barri Rafferty gave an interactive presentation on leadership that included secrets learned from her role as a female CEO at Ketchum North America. The significance of diversity and inclusion as a characteristic of leadership became a motivating issue for Barri during a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos a few years ago. While mingling at a cocktail party reception that included few women, Barri was asked "Whose wife are you?"  Writing an article on her experience led to more attention than she had anticipated, leading her to formalize her views on the topic.

Being a credible leader in today's day and age, she noted, requires a combination of open communication, decisive action, and personal presence.  Among the other leadership traits that she listed were:

Being a Strong Communicator
Having Swagger
Making Others the Hero
Being a Coach
Finding Your Voice
Using Communication to Build Trust

Barri wrapped up her presentation by asking students to volunteer their own communications mantra. Among the best of the evening: "Don't assume malice" and "fake it til you make it."