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4/29/2016 Anonymous 0 Comments

GroupM Chief Digital Officer, Chairman GroupM North America, and BIC Board Member Rob Norman does a deep dive into the "end of the beginning of digital marketing" in GroupM's latest aggregation of digital media data and opinion. In it, Rob identifies six key aspects of the 2016 landscape (below). Read Rob's summary here and download the entire report here. It's critical analysis for everyone in advertising -- and required reading in the BIC program.

1. The integrity of the digital supply chain encompassing fraud, viewability and meaningful measurement are of existential importance to the digital advertising economy

2. Advertising stops working when it is avoided. Better design, greater value to the consumer, and the responsible use of data both in terms of cost to the consumer’s data plan and privacy are essential

3. The app ecosystem represents both challenge and opportunity. The opportunity is for brand participation in the fastest growing mode of media consumption; the challenge is for brands to create impact and value and earn the attention of the consumer.

4. Selling everywhere rather than somewhere will be the new normal for retailers and brand owners. Where intent exists so does the  need to satisfy it.

5. Consumers love video. They love it in short and long formats and increasingly they love it on demand and often free of advertising. Technology enables this, it also enables precision and relevance in targeting that will drive efficiency for advertisers and maintain “free video” as a key platform of marketing communication. This is just one part of the evolving economics of what we have traditionally referred to as television.

6. Data has changed advertising. It has not unequivocally changed it for the better. Our collection and application of data needs to be responsible in targeting and holistic in respect of  attribution. Only then we will combine respect for the individual with true understanding of behavior.