PPC and (yes) branding

11/01/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Ninety-five percent of viewers don't click on a specific PPC (pay-per-click) ad. But does that PPC ad have any branding value?

"Yes" -- says Aga Bojko, VP, User Experience at GfK research. And it's not just her opinion.

Using eye-tracking data, Bojko assesses what percentage of research participants actually look at an online ad, how long they took to notice it, and how long they looked at it. Bojko and GfK can help advertisers decide on whether to increase or decrease bid amounts for moving their ad up or down on the search engine result pages regardless (in addition to) consideration of click-throughs.

See Bojko's blog post here.  Check out GfK's global practice in online ad global user experience research here.