PR Has No Boundaries - Sandra Stahl in Leaderspeak Series

12/12/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

In a recent interview with MediaBrief, founding BIC faculty member Sandra Stahl shared insights from her book The Art and Craft of PR, including her belief that there are no "traditional" PR people. Stahl, who teaches BIC's Branding Influentials course, chatted with MediaBrief as part of its Leaderspeak series which highlights "the most important news, reviews, videos, knowledge and more for the B2B professional consumer in the world of media, entertainment, new media, marketing, business, startups and more."

In the article, Stahl states "The holistic purpose of PR - not just one part of it or another - is what distinguishes our discipline and maintains its enduring value. This is our ability to use communications to create meaningful, trusted relationships that contribute to the achievement of larger goals. To me, there are no 'traditional' PR people. Any trained PR professional knows how important it is to be facile with new tools, new channels. We know how critical it is to be agile. The 'new stuff' doesn't define us or our discipline but how we use the 'new stuff' in service of our goals."

Stahl went on to speak about the biggest challenge in communications today: the 24/7 appetite for information. "Also a challenge is that the information out there may not be true. Anybody and everybody now has the proverbial megaphone. It can be difficult to discern fact from fiction. It's no wonder there is a crisis of public trust. The need for ethical communications has never been stronger and public relations is the discipline to lead the way."

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