#PRDiversity: The Struggle is Real Wins the 2018 SABRE Innovation Excellence Award

2/17/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Following a cocktail party reception at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York City, BIC Professor Angela Chitkara was awarded the 2018 SABRE for Most Innovative Project at the University Level for her research on diversity in the public relations industry. She took to the stage to thank the industry's support and efforts to put D&I in the forefront of talent development, retention, and innovation.

In collaboration with The Holmes Report, Angela Chitkara first previewed her diversity and inclusion research in a Town Hall meeting at The City College of New York in May and then presented more advanced findings in July before CEOs, Diversity and Inclusion Officers, students, and faculty. The research, #PRDiversity: The Struggle is Real: Meeting Business Objectives with a 2020 Mindset, focuses on the role of the CEO in Diversity and Inclusion primarily.

Her May event gave industry CEOs the floor to answer some of the questions raised in the research. CEOs Peter Harris of GraylingHeidi Hovland of DeVries GlobalBrad MacAfee of Porter Novelli, and Rob Flaherty of Ketchum engaged the audience in panel discussion. 

About the SABRE Awards: Considered the world's biggest PR awards program, dedicated to benchmarking the best PR work from across the globe, this year's Innovation SABRE Award entries “spanned an impressive breadth — the work touched on cultural moments, the political climate, social movements, technological change and, in some cases, unearthed innovation in unexpected places.” Click here to see all the nominees  http://bit.ly/2Goz1aS

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