DECODED plus BIC equals social impact in Tech for Non-Techies partnership

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The New Imperative: Tech Literacy for Non-Technicians.

Today, the communications industry is driven by technological advances that must be broadly understood, but not directly applied or mastered by many professionals in the field. That's why BIC is introducing a one-credit course this Spring semester called "Tech for Non-Techies." Because of the unique target audience and specialized nature of the instruction, BIC will be partnering with DECODED, an organization that helps businesses bridge the divide between digitally literate programmers and those who do not understand technology — often a company’s leadership. Decoded's mission is to "demystify" technology. This unique partnership with BIC spreads that mission into the academic realm.

Social Impact

Currently, Decoded’s audience is industry. But both BIC and Decoded appreciate the educational value of teaching tech literacy to a vast number of students who aren’t studying technology, but must be knowledgeable and not intimidated by it in order to be academically and professionally successful. This Social Impact pilot partnership is being developed by Decoded's Senior Director of Team & Social Impact Jeffrey French along with BIC Professor and Program Director Nancy R. Tag. In order to see if this could be scaled up, Decoded is inviting potential benefactors to attend the one-day workshop that it's facilitating for the BIC students as part of its Tech for non-Techies course. 

Education of the Future?

If you're interested in introducing these concepts into education and are in a position to make an impact, either as an educational administrator or funder, please contact us at
BIC space in Shepard Hall on The City College of New York campus

DATE: Saturday, April 14th  10AM to 3PM* at The City College of New York, BIC Space

Workshop Description : Decoded will run Code in a Day for Nancy Tag’s BIC students plus select higher education funders (or decision makers) inspired by the vision of education creating digitally empowered innovators. The Decoded team would be made up of 2 facilitators. The participants will be evenly split between students and education funders.

Theme : Code-in-a-Day is an intensive day-long experience for anyone seeking to understand how the digital world is built, and what’s possible with digital technology today.

Format : Each learner is put into the shoes of a developer for the day. The day is designed around a brief to design, build and launch a multi-platform app that encourages and rewards customer loyalty. Through this hands-on process, learners will understand what code is, how it is used and how it can be harnessed your new understanding of it to excel in business.

*3PM Benefactors Info Session: Stick around >> DECODED holds an open discussion on The Education of the Future for educators, corporate funding partners, academic administrators, and other beneficiaries interested in learning how to scale up the day's program.  By invitation only.
Decoded's learning-by-doing approach to education