Chandler Chicco's employee of the year -- a friend of BIC

12/31/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Marianne Eisenmann
Head of Determinus,
the research division of
Chandler Chicco Companies
In our opinion, it doesn't happen often enough -- that a leading, international agency selects its top researcher as "employee of the year." But that's exactly what Chandler Chicco Companies did for 2013, as Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC), a world-leader in integrated communications in the healthcare and nutrition sectors. selected Marianne Eisenmann as their "employee of the year."

Chandler Chicco says: "Marianne has helped shape nearly every campaign at CCC over the past year – she has pushed us all to think about how to improve programs with a solid foundation of research, how to measure programs from the start, and then how to gauge and showcase success."
Marianne Eisenmann (center)
with BIC students at the
Y&R Mix & Mentor Recpetion
October 2013

Marianne Eisenmann has been a long-standing supporter and well-wisher of BIC -- and will be making some command performances at BIC classes in Spring semester 2014.