Women of Martech Spotlight: BICster Megan Fullagar

4/07/2021 Unknown 0 Comments

“No matter what I’m honed in on, I constantly collaborate with my team to ensure we’ve thought through multiple angles. It’s refreshing to work with such an inspiring and hard-working group of women.” - Megan Fullagar BIC ’16

Brava to Megan Fullagar BIC ’16 who has been featured in Women of Martech's Success Spotlight! After graduating from BIC in 2016, Megan has worked as a Marketing & Communications Manager at FreeWheel and Marketing Director at Penthera. Currently, Megan is putting her entrepreneurial chops to work as Marketing Director at StitcherAds, a tech start-up focused on enhancing social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok) through personalization and optimization

Click here to learn more about how Megan went from architecture to marketing to a Master's Degree at CCNY in the BIC program, the importance of collaboration, the impact of mobile on Martech and finally her advice for other women in the industry.