Spring Forward >> BICsters Rising

4/02/2021 Unknown 0 Comments

As the temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom, BIC alumni Sur, Kenneth, and Megan are springing into new roles. 

Surabhi Govindarajan BIC ’18 is now Cultural Strategist at VMLY&R where she is responsible for analyzing signals of change -- fast and slow, as well as mining hyper-local cultural stories for market cities across the globe. Sur's human-centered approach for building stories, blended with a background in architecture, design and experiential, will be put to good use as VMLY&R reimagines commerce. She's building on her previous position at Geometry North America which was recently integrated into VMLY&R.

After an amazing journey with Brandwatch, Kenneth Bracho, BIC ’16 joined Qubit as a Customer Success Manager. Qubit technology works with e-commerce algorithms to create personalized experiences on different verticals. Kenneth is really excited for Qubit's portfolio of partners and also for the tech implications of working with companies such as Google. 

Megan Fullagar BIC ’16 is putting her entrepreneurial chops to work as Marketing Director at StitcherAds,  a tech start-up focused on enhancing social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok) through personalization and optimization. In her role, Megan will help consumers recognize if they're close to a store and then determine whether to serve them ads to visit in person or other platforms. StitcherAds also offers creative services and an analytics platform. Stitcher has never had a marketing department before, so Megan will be in charge of building it from the ground up.

Bravo to our BICsters who make us proud every day! Keep on rising!