Foundation FOCUS: Governors Island Multi-Media Campaign

1/08/2021 Unknown 0 Comments

The BIC Class of 2022 wrapped up their foundation semester by presenting multi-media campaigns for Governors Island to Professors Gerardo Blumenkrantz and Nancy R. Tag as well as to Clay Grable, Marketing Manger of The Trust for Governors Island. As part of B2002 Idea Development, this semester-long project inspired student teams to strategize, conceptualize, and then execute a multi-media communications campaign that included the four "C's" of content (using 2-D, time-based, interactive, and story-building elements), context, connection, and conversation via Paid, Earned, Owned, and Shared media channels.
On a warm Sunday in September, students rode the ferry to the 172-acre island in New York Harbor for field research. From there, each section identified a business and marketing problem in order to come up with the first part of BIC's S-A-D model: the strategic message. Teams of three conceptualized Big Ideas before executing synergistic multi-media elements designed to build brand value and engage Millennial New Yorkers. 

In the final stages of campaign development, Professors Blumenkrantz and Tag imitated real-life challenges by throwing students a curveball that needed to be folded into their campaign narratives. For Nancy's class, it was an unplanned visit to New York City by newly elected President Joe Biden. Gerardo's class needed to leverage a rare whale sighting in New York Harbor -- which actually (and coincidentally) happened just days before final presentations.  
Governors Island Marketing Manager Clay Grable was an unexpected guest at final presentations on December 9th  -- another curveball! He expressed appreciation to the students for helping him see the island with fresh eyes and was eager to share the work with his fellow Trustees in the new year.