BICsters: Certified & Crushing It

1/12/2021 Unknown 0 Comments

Resume builders, skill-sharpeners, and brain enhancers: 2020 is all about the certificate, now with more free offerings from companies such as Facebook, Google, and Hubspot. That's why students in Professor Will Parker's B8501 Digital Integration one-credit intensive were given the grading option to either write a paper or get a certificate. This year, everyone went for the certificate. In fact, Will said that "there were quite a number of students who received multiple certifications - which is amazing!" The majority of students took a Google course and mostly Google Analytics, all of which are free online.

We asked Will, a BIC Board Member and co-founder and CMO of Retail Data Trust, his thoughts about certificates and why it's more important than ever to add them to your resume:

"Honestly, any certification looks great on a resume. Most employers are looking for demonstrated knowledge and certifications are a great way to show you know what you're doing. Also, it helps the employer evaluate your skills without making you take a test. Technical evaluation is one of the most difficult things to do in an interview. Your future boss is staking their reputation on whether or not you can do your job, not just whether they like you. Third-party credentials give them more confidence that you can do your work and takes some pressure off them to validate it. Not only do you say you understand Google Analytics, Google does. Finally, it's just a great way to stand out of the crowd, particularly in non-technical fields. Not many account and creatives can drive a conversation with the analytics or search team and they are going to need to. For anyone that has certifications, make a small place at the bottom of your resume for it."

When it comes to talking about certificates in interview, Will's advice to students was to "work it into your answers during an interview, talk about the certification process or how it makes better marketers. It's not always easy to connect with an interviewer but hard proof that you're the best fit for the job is difficult for anyone to pass up."

Now our BICsters won't just leave with an MPS and a portfolio but a repertoire of certifications which will help them stand out in the crowd when entering the industry. Bravo, BICsters!