Eli Fola: Multimedia Artist, Culture Catalyst, and BICster.

2/07/2020 Unknown 0 Comments

Eli Fola, BIC Class of '18, is the ultimate shape-shifter. Nigerian born and Brooklyn based, this multimedia artist constantly picks up new skills, infuses them with passion, and keeps re-imagining his ever-evolving career.  He is often regarded a saxophone genius and branded by the visual art world for his powerful imagery showcasing Yoruba regality and spirituality in a modern context. Paying homage to his home of Nigeria, Eli’s immersive performances authentically preserve Yoruba culture and history. Eli is the innovator and pioneer of the genre Yoruba Tech Soul—a fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds, electronic, jazz, house, and classical music.
While a student in the BIC program, Eli was chosen for the 2017 TEDxCUNY conference. His TED Talk was a lively multimedia performance that focused on how music can be used to reconcile and highlight differences in culture and identity.

Creating music isn't just Eli's passion, it's his form of self expression. "I got into music production at the middle of the decade. Something I've learned so far is to constantly stay true to the sounds that resonate with my spirit. Music is very spiritual; you really have to align your spirit to the right sound vibrations."

Eli's debut EP, “The Platform”, was released on March 28, 2016. He is the founder of Tech Afrique, an independent record label and event company that serves as a platform for releasing his projects. His work has been featured in publications such as the NY Times, Wonderland Magazine, Vogue, and Okayplayer to name a few. He has also been sought after by Grammy winning producer Swizz Beatz and grammy winning singer Alicia Keys as well as brands such as Art Net, Bacardi, and Art Basel.

Suited Magazine, known for its focus on individuals devoted to their work and instigating new cultural conversations to positively impact the future, will be featuring a collaboration with Eli in their next issue where he discusses his creative process and the release of his upcoming album #yorubatechsoul. 

Visit Eli's Instagram and website to learn more about his journey and keep up with the sounds of Yoruba Soul Tech.