A Salute to SIX BICster TLF Scholarships

4/23/2019 Unknown 0 Comments

BIC salutes the six students who have been awarded $3,750 scholarships by The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) -- the most from any school in a single year. They will also be honored at a 3-day Scholarship & Donor Reception and Networking event in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the end of May. The event is sponsored and hosted by Proctor and Gamble (P&G). Craig Buchholz, Chief Communications Offer at P&G will serve as the host committee chair and Daryl McCullough, Global Chairman & CEO at Citizen Relations as the host committee co-chair. Pulitzer Prize winner and current communications director at the Center for Constitutional Rights, Chandra M. Hayslett, will serve as the keynote speaker for the event

This year's recipients are: Mohamed Amribet '20, who has a BBA in Marketing Communications from Berkeley College, John Holliday-Stewart '20 who has a BS in Public Relations from Middle Tennessee State University, Carlos Matias '20 who has a BS in Mass Communications from St. John's University, Carmen Quang '20 who double majored in Psychology and Communications at City College/Macauley Honors College, Raymond Sein '20 who has a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications from FIT, and Kamattie Singh '20 who has a BS in Speech Communications from Saint Joseph's College.

They join 14 other BIC students who have been awarded TLF scholarships since BIC launched in 2013: Amber Jackson, Frederick Garcia, Donna Dei-Baning, Dalisbeth Galvez, Melissa Julien, Priscilla Parra, Charisse Holder, Erica Lopez, Sean Feol-Baugh, Jennifer Cuffari, LaToya Heron, Amera Lulu, Kelvin Morales, and Rebecca Rivera. TLF has generously given BIC students over $80,000 in scholarship money.
For over twenty years, TLF has been dedicated to supporting talented ethnic minority communications students from all over the country. This year, BIC students are among 26 graduate students from universities such as Harvard, Emory, UPenn, Columbia, London School of Economics, Stanford, Georgetown, and Northwestern. “The scholarship applications received this year were exceptional,” said Mr. Kim L. Hunter, Chairman & CEO of The LAGRANT Foundation. In recognizing this year's six BIC recipients, Mr. Hunter stated: "Your program has great students and are truly the future of the business."