BIC Alumni Are Mastering Communications

1/29/2019 Unknown 0 Comments is a newly established website whose mission is “to provide individuals considering graduate programs in communication with all the information they need to research different areas within this field, and to find master’s in communication programs that meet their academic interests and professional goals.”

In the MiC INTERVIEWS section, graduates of featured programs tell their stories. In addition to interviewing BIC Program Director Nancy R. Tag, MiC has featured four interviews from BIC alums. As you’d expect, they’re great to read. MiC founder, Aaron Tooley, tells us that the interview section makes him especially proud and that “the ones from the BIC program have been amazing. I have been so impressed with your communication graduates.”

We think our BIC grads are amazing, too. Hear directly from them:

From Megan Fullagar, BIC Class of 2016 >>  “Shortly after leaving the BIC program, I found myself accepting a new position in the media industry. My class in media planning helped me the best in understanding my new field of work. I’ve also been fortunate enough to utilize my creative skills freelancing in my free time. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten it without the BIC program’s focus on graduating us to be the most qualified candidates for industry jobs.” Read the whole interview HERE.

From Javier Garcia, BIC Class of 2015  >> “Building a portfolio for my BIC work was a major turning point in my career, as it made me reflect on my journey to date and made me consider how to best position myself as a professional. After much reflection, and even more wordsmithing, I realized that I am a multi-talented change-agent with a passion for building people and brands, guiding each of them to their fullest potential." Read the whole interview HERE.

From Alex Suazo, BIC Class of 2015 >> “Since I attribute my biggest learnings as having found myself and my leadership skills, my key takeaways focus mainly on the people and teams aspect of the program. The best thing you can do for your career is work with as many different types of people varying in ages, cultures, and professional backgrounds and I had that in CCNY’s BIC program.”  Read the whole interview HERE.

From Dhvani Unadkat, BIC Class of 2017 >>  “The biggest takeaway from the BIC program that helped with my career path is ... understanding consumer rationale and values before thinking about even a small tactic. My course of communications planning helped me gain this skill. This one skill has helped me at my work place the most and I am most praised because of this level of intricate thinking.” Read the whole interview HERE.