YouTube, Twitch, & TV in Rob Norman's State of Video 2018

11/13/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Trendwatcher, GroupM Senior Advisor, and BIC Board Member Rob Norman sees no seismic shifts from last year in GroupM's newly released The State of Video 2018. New behaviors and players aren't emerging as quickly as predicted.  "Linear TV still has enormous value for advertisers," he recently told MediaVillage.  "The surest sign digital isn't the beginning, middle and end of everything is seeing an ad in a magazine for Warby Parker.  Those broad reach vehicles are still important." As usual, demographic differences create distinctly different trends; traditional TV is still strong among older viewers while the battle for engagement among younger viewers is more specific, i.e, Twitch vs. YouTube.

From a marketing perspective, Rob sees more trade support for transactional communication than brand development that aims to build a relationship with the consumer. He calls for a more holistic approach. "Attention and time have become so precious," Norman noted.  "This only works if you think about all of the channels and their functions."

Read MediaVillage's article where you can download the report here.