Gotta Get it Done? Consider a Caveday

8/20/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

BIC Creative Professor Jake Kahana runs an event (or kinda "pop-up" co-op workspace) called Caveday which teaches better productivity habits and then puts them into practice for a full day of deep work. If you've got a big project you've been putting off (updating your website, job searching, clearing your inbox, planning your wedding, etc etc), you're the target. 

As a highly productive person himself, Jake helped developed Caveday as a day of heads-down, facilitated, distraction-free productivity so you can treat yourself to prioritize YOU and getting your personal work done. Written up in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and PSFK, Cavedays help you learn how to focus better, ship faster, and accomplish more than you thought you could.

According to Fast Company, "Getting stuff done with no distractions is a challenge many fail to overcome on their own, especially when it comes to passion projects. There’s no shortage of reasons (or excuses) why—work got really busy, you had to travel for that wedding, your cat got sick, Veep started up again—and before long, you realize you’ve been procrastinating on that one thing you’ve really been meaning to do, whether it’s finally drawing up that business plan or banging out the next chapter of that novel. It’s long put-off solo projects like these that Caveday’s organizers seem to believe are best tackled together.”

SO: Finish that screenplay. Clean your inbox. Write thank you cards.  Map out a business idea. Make a plan and then join us to start crossing things off.  Organizers provide you with structure to keep you engaged all day without distractions, tools to push through resistance and ship faster, tasty meals, snacks, and caffeine… Thanks, Jake! We couldn't have done it without Caveday.