Be Known: Rebranding Your Agency

6/12/2017 Anonymous 0 Comments

Ahmet Reisli, a Digital Strategist and Designer at the PR firm RooneyPartners and a 2016 graduate of BIC, was asked to rework his agency's website -- but the project turned out to be much more than that: a rebranding of the agency, including a new tagline. When he began the process, Ahmet applied his best BIC thinking and put himself in a client's shoes. He asked himself, "What kind of a PR agency would I hire? What would make me feel CONNECTED with the firm?"  He also did a competitive analysis, reviewing the taglines of other agencies. He came across lots of language such as this: “Data-driven PR.. Visual driven... X driven.. Y driven… agency," which sounded too "hard sell" and not something that would make a client feel energized and connected to the agency. 

What Ahmet envisioned for potential and existing clients was more like “RooneyPartners is here for you and will tell your story  -- you, the client, are going to become whatever you wanted to be so that ultimately YOU are going to BE KNOWN. It’s not about the agency. It's about the client." 

Here's are some of the applications of his "Be Known" tagline that also has sub-branding lines for different uses.