PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards Introduces Diversity and Inclusion Categories

2/24/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

The Big Apple Awards makes a big leap forward with the introduction of Diversity and Inclusion categories. For creative industries such as public relations, texture and richness arise through diversity of people and diversity of thought. 

Yet, even as Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) becomes a top-of-mind issue for executives across all business sectors, the difficulty of identifying best practices and assigning metrics to track D&I activities has remained a challenge to overcome.  
The search for solutions in the PR industry has given PRSA-NY, a unique leadership opportunity.  

Prof. Angela Chitkara, Associate Director of the PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards and BIC PR Track Director explains how the introduction of two new D&I award categories in the 2017 Big Apple Awards program takes a significant stride toward recognizing and showcasing the investments of time, creativity, resources, and the long-term commitment that agencies and firms are making in D&I. 

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