Mad Ave Manslaughter Delights BICsters

2/24/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

On Wednesday night, BIC celebrated the second edition of Michael Farmer's smash hit Madison Avenue Manslaughter with a book signing event on the CCNY campus. This paperback version includes new material as well as a forward by John Seifert, Chairman & CEO of Ogilvy and Mather.

The award-winning book tells truth to power as an inside view of "fee-cutting clients, profit-hungry owners, and declining ad agencies." It's been a bestseller for publisher LID Publishing, who provided the books and refreshments for the event. Students stood on line and posed for photos -- even though many would be spending time with the author later that evening in B3003 Internal Management, the class that he teaches at BIC. Last year, students were unable to get copies of the book because it had sold out on Amazon after a popular article in Forbes.

BIC Professor Michael Farmer is Chairman and CEO of Farmer & Company, a consulting firm that advises advertising agencies. Prior to founding his own company, Professor Farmer was a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and Director of Bain & Company. With degrees from Princeton and Harvard, he brings vast expertise into the classroom and advises on the BIC curriculum.

Preach, Michael. Preach.