End of An Era: The FINAL BIC Blogger Blog

6/15/2021 Unknown 0 Comments

Marshall McLuhan famously said "The medium is the message." With that, we're excited to announce that our integrated program for an integrated world is finally able to integrate the BIC blog into our own distinctive BIC website. Say "so long" to our blogger blog launched in 2013 and join us in celebrating the same industry news and BIC success stories at www.bic-ccny.org which launched in 2020. The website's new blog feature will continue to spread the word on everything BIC as well as archive the incredible work our BICsters have done over the years. 

The new BIC blog was designed and executed by Menos es más, a branding company which was founded in 1996 by BIC Board Member, Graphic designer and Branding consultant, Gustavo Stecher. Menos es más has offices in Argentina and New York and specializes in iconic, cultural and identity branding, working mostly in destination, corporate and institutional identity. They are also responsible for the main BIC site. We couldn't ask for a better partner to make our vision a reality.

We hope to see you on our new blog where you can follow along with everything BIC from our students to our faculty to our alums.... It's not goodbye, it's see you later..... 

Check out the new blog HERE!!