4A's MAIP Fellows Coached, Critiqued, and Celebrated by BICsters

9/03/2020 Unknown 0 Comments

This Summer, BIC Program Director Nancy Tag teamed with Jacquelyn Green, 4A's Manager for Talent, Equity & Inclusion, to transform months worth of conversation into a dynamic MAIP learning segment which paired 300+ MAIP Fellows with 30 BIC Alums who helped coach and critique non-creative MAIP-ers on the value of digital portfolios.  

Traditionally, portfolios have been a creative professional's currency and evidence of proficiency. That’s why most portfolio-development programs (academic degree, certificate, and non-matriculated courses) focus almost exclusively on creative disciplines, such as copywriting, art direction, design, and other content areas.

However, the industry has changed. And so has portfolio technology. It won’t be long before the portfolio is a required part of every talent search. That's why Nancy and Jacquelyn wanted to bring this value to MAIP Fellows this summer -- giving them a jump start on their future. As a portfolio-driven master's program, BIC not only has deep expertise on how to develop portfolios "as evidence" of discipline depth in an integrated framework, but BIC alumni were uniquely qualified and eager to serve as coaches throughout the summer (and hopefully beyond). 

As part of the BIC portfolio-development segment, Professor Tag led a 2-part workshop that delivered the fundamentals of developing a digital portfolio for account managers, strategists, comms planners, and PR practitioners.  For over two weeks, 30 BIC alums provided feedback to MAIP Fellows who earnestly completed exercises, crafted positioning statements, and drafted portfolio homepages. The program wrapped up with an interactive mock interview with eight BIC mentors who’ve “been there/done that” in preparation for MAIP's culminating event, The Face of Talent. 

The success of this multi-faceted collaboration relied on an engaged group of 2020 MAIP Fellows and a dynamic (as always) network of BIC alums -- as well as the coordinating prowess of the 4A's team. Bravo to this inspiring bunch who will lead the industry into the future!