BICsters in CMYK's Top 100 New Creatives

2/16/2019 Unknown 0 Comments

Once considered the premier place to find the best student talent in the world, CMYK went on hiatus a few years ago. Many wondered if it would ever return. But this month, CMYK relaunched with its 58th issue. What makes it extra special is that work from five BICsters has won CMYK’s Contest for the Top 100 New Creatives. According to Matt Hamilton, one of the BIC winners, "it's really cool to be featured next to a lot of amazing student work. The ideas and executions are all so impressive; we're excited to be chosen!"

Natia Maisuradze and Matt Hamilton, BIC '19, were recognized for a campaign they did to promote Bumble, a new dating app. They were tasked with highlighting its other services that were less well-known so that consumers could appreciate that Bumble is “more than just a dating app.” Their campaign uses classic love song scenarios in unexpected ways. For greater impact, Natia and Matt proposed launching the campaign on Valentine’s Day. The team was inspired by a class assignment in BIC’s Creative Concept course taught by Cassondra Bazelow (BIC '16) and Caroline Monday. According to Natia, "We're not only proud that our work will be featured among inspiring artists across the globe, but we want to thank our instructors Cassondra and Caroline who gave us direction and valuable feedback while working on the campaign itself."

Letier Santana, BIC '19, was recognized for her campaign promoting Sunset Sarsaparilla, a western style beverage that's featured in the video game Fallout. She was tasked with re-igniting the brand.  Letier targeted Millennial festival-goers who spend on experiences and are loyal to the brands they love. The project was part of the BIC Creative Round Robin overseen by Professor Gerardo Blumenkrantz and was seeded during a “brief and critique” at Digitas.

Amera Lulu, from the BIC Class of 2020, and Peter LavergataBIC '19, were recognized for a campaign promoting Petco, an assignment in BIC’s Multi-Media course taught by Vera Keiter (BIC '15) and Delilah Kim. They were tasked with attracting younger customers to the brand, especially those who are working professionals with small apartments and little time. The “Friends That Fit” campaign shows how Petco can bring the joy of companionship to even the tiniest homes. Amera says that it's "inspiring and humbling to be named one CMYK’s Top 100 New Creatives; it has given me the motivation to put my best foot forward as I continue to work on building my career in advertising."