BICsters Visit Tom Ford Beauty to Find Out What Makes it Fabulous

10/19/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

On October 8th, five lucky BICsters were invited to visit Tom Ford Beauty – a division of Estee Lauder. The goal: to understand the financial and brand strategies underpinning one of the leaders in the world of international beauty.

Erica Pierce BIC '19, Sofia Maayah BIC '19, Melissa Lee BIC '20, Cecilie Mengel BIC '20, and Carmela Vecchione BIC '20 along with a group of undergrads from CCNY and Manhattan College met with Rainey Mancini, the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations and Guillaume Jesel, the Global Brand President of Tom Ford Beauty. Mancini and Jesel discussed some of the financial strategies that make the company so profitable.

The students were also joined by Dexter King, VP, Flobal Fragrance Marketing and Strategy at Tom Ford Beauty, who shared a presentation on how Tom Ford continues to remain relevant.

Major takeaways:

There is a depth and breadth of analysis required to be successful in the highly competitive international beauty business.

Tom Ford has a 10-year perspective they call their "compass", which is designed to create long-term value by focusing on being flexible as well as building hero franchises that resonate with a global customer base.

Paul J. Kim City College Adjunct Lecturer (who studied at NYU Stern along with Mancini & Jesel) arranged the outing. "I thought it would be a great experience for students to get a real-world perspective on how a company thinks about strategy at a high level."

Mission accomplished. At the end of the day, the students left with a better idea of what has made Tom Ford the powerful force it is today - and a bag of fabulous Tom Ford perfume.