BICster Urges Us to Get Civically Fit

1/31/2017 Anonymous 0 Comments

Election got you down? Feeling powerless? Marika Bailey BIC '16 decided to do something about it. In partnership with some far-flung friends, Marika launched My Civic Workout, whose mission is to train citizens how to fight those daunting feelings of disheartenment by engaging in meaningful civic activism.  "We know that activism can be hard, but it gets easier with practice. " Like any exercise routine,  the hardest part is figuring out how to get started and stay motived. My Civic Workout is a way to push people into taking that first step and then developing the muscle to become civically fit. The subscription service launched in November and has already been featured on MSNBC and other media. As of this writing, subscribers number 9,000 -- and growing.

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