Think How They Think @BIC

11/22/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

On Tuesday, November 15th, Douglas Davis kicked off our @BIC Lecture series, demonstrating to designers and business professionals how important it is to “Think How They Think.” As Principal of The Davis Group, Professor, Designer, and Strategist, Douglas was able to give the audience a deeper dive into his recently published book Creative Strategy and the Business of Design that teaches both sides of the creative/business divide about the strategic objectives and marketing decisions that drive creative work.
Some of Douglas’ key observations included:
>> Business is annexing design, as it previously integrated marketing.
>> Clients expect everyone involved with the brand to be strategic.
>> Design schools don’t teach business strategy. 
>> Business school doesn’t teach how to inspire designers. 

Douglas’ astute observations are partly the results of having a successful career as a professional designer/art director who couldn’t get to the next level without pursuing a second graduate degree in Integrated Strategy from NYU.  His personal journey represents the BIC program’s core belief that real leadership in this complex world of communication requires “T” shaped thinkers and doers: people with discipline passion AND more broad-based knowledge of how this industry works. In other words: designers who think strategically. Managers who understand design. Strategists who understand social media and corporate communication. And so on. 

After his presentation, Douglas stuck around for a book signing. Given his recent national book tour, BIC was lucky to have him speak on campus — even though he also somehow manages to teach BIC’s fall capstone every Thursday!