BICster Builds a Bot -- Cassondra's Responsive Recruiter

10/20/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Tired of reaching out to recruiters and getting back nothing but radio silence? Cassondra Bazelow BIC '16 did something about it. She coded up Rosie, an automated recruiter with a surprise feature: it responds. Okay -- so maybe it doesn't land you that dream job, but at least Rosie responds quickly AND with flattery!! No wonder Adweek dedicated an article to this "still in progress" invention, stating: "In short, it's a sex bot for people who are sick of hearing "We'll keep your portfolio on file." To fully complete the fantasy, just close your eyes, lean back and fill in the agency's name for yourself."

Currently a senior art director at VaynerMedia, Cassondra snagged jobs in the Creative Department at BBDO and Tribal Worldwide even before graduating from the BIC program. So while Rosie the Responsive Recruiter may not be necessary for Cassondra, the rest of the workforce is grateful!

See Cassondra's work here.

Read the Adweek article here.