BIC Boasts Brilliant Class of 2018

9/09/2016 Unknown 0 Comments

In late August, BIC welcomed over 30 students who came from all corners of the globe to join the BIC Class of 2018. This year's impressive cohort have degrees in architecture, info systems, communication design, international marketing, finance, international studies, industrial design, English, journalism, psychology, advertising, public relations, and television. They come from places such as Italy, Brazil, Russia Denmark, Ecuador, India, Taiwan, and Malaysia -- not to mention our largest group of New Yorkers ever.

Our latest BICsters arrived on campus Tuesday, August 23rd to a lively orientation that included a "speed" exercise in design thinking. The next evening, they were joined by the BIC Class of 2017 for a mixer at Hogshead, a local pub on Hamilton Place. See more photos in our Gallery.