And the Client Pitch Winner is...

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Team Alchemie pitched its campaign to launch the artist Jack Garratt.
 This Spring, BICsters in the Corporate Capstone partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) on the assignment of a lifetime: Design a campaign model to launch an emerging artist that would appeal to a youthful market segment without the appearance of over-commercialization. Challenging, eh? But that's not all.  Ray Mia (CCNY '01) of UMG’s Advanced Media division had an even loftier goal: He hoped to leverage the BIC campaigns as a way to position UMG as the global leader in music across a variety of platforms to help it become -- and be seen as -- a trans-media content and experience producer rather than simply a music publisher.
Team Lunchbox presented a campaign to launch the artist Alessia Cara
Team Kaleidoscope presented a campaign to launch the artist Halsey
Remaining in the same teams that anchored the Fall Non-Profit Capstone, BICsters pitched their campaigns for Alessia Cara, Halsey, and Jack Garratt on May 19th to UMG’s Ray Mia and Iain Bruce who flew in from London to review the work and select the winner.

After nearly an hour of deliberating, the client chose the campaign "Jack Garratt LOCALLY SOURCED" created by BIC team Alchemie comprised of Edward Arredondo, Stephen Carnell, Donna Dei-Baning, Castro Desroches, Andy Kwan, Magdalini Mavropoulou, Naushi Perera, Piyarat Songcharoen, Antonio Richardson, and Sahil Shah.
Alchemie’s campaign was anchored in a key strategic insight: Jack’s Garratt’s audience is part of an artisanal movement which values human output, non-mechanical aspects of creativity, and attention to detail, but because that’s getting more difficult to find in the mass produced, algorithmic driven music of today, Jack’s virtuosity fosters enormous fascination, leaving his audience hungry to know more about his craftsmanship, process, and inspiration. 
This led the team to develop a campaign that reimagined the typical concert tour. Instead of just being about stage appearances, it extends the time between concerts in order to explore Jack Garratt’s artistic inspiration from the source to the sublime.  So it’s not a tour, it’s a journey.
The work from teams Lunchbox and Kaleidoscope were also enthusiastically received. In his final remarks, Ray Mia believed that pieces of all the campaigns could actually be implemented. In his email epilogue to Capstone Professor Nancy Tag, Ray said, “It goes without saying that I'm seriously impressed by the output of your students. It is no exaggeration and to make abundantly clear: the raw abilities and sensibilities displayed by the people presenting were amazing. The margins between campaigns were so fine and [the presentations were so] polished and graphically astute… Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate.”

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