Content Marketing is Coming of Age

9/27/2015 Anonymous 0 Comments

Original. Coordinated. Interactive. Nine top MarTech Execs weighed in on the future of content marketing in a recent article by Contently. Chris Bolman, director of integrated marketing at Percolate, envisions that “we’re about to see quality content recognized for what it truly is: advertising creative that delivers value to its recipient, not just a forgettable impression. Marketers who get this are going to design their content to be interactive, mobile-first, and amplified by media dollars, and they’re going to create it within a system that enables continuous improvement, not just scattered executions.”

Tom Gerace, CEO of Skyword states: "Creation wins. In the early days, some content marketers thought that curating content might be sufficient to engage their audiences. They hoped that curation might allow them to avoid the investment required to create original stories. In 18 months, it will become clear to the industry that marketers cannot differentiate brands in the minds of consumers, share thought leadership, or prove their brands to be innovators by sharing somebody else’s stuff."

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