What did YOU do this summer?

8/18/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Summer was especially productive for Maxime Menant, BIC '15. In addition to interning at Experian Marketing Services, he applied and was accepted to BBH's intensive program for strategic planners called Griffin Farley Search for Beautiful Minds. It's in honor of Griffin Farley, a Strategy Director at BBH New York who dedicated much of his time to aspiring planners/strategist hoping to break into the business.

This hybrid bootcamp and networking event is a free crash course in planning from some of the top planners in the industry. Afterwards, teams pitched their work at Google headquarters in front of a room packed full of department heads and recruiters. An auction at the end of the event gave executives an opportunity to bid on who they want to mentor. Maxime's team won "Most Culturally Relevant Strategy" -- as well as a ton of business cards from contacts who will remember them long after the summer of  2014.