Bad girl branding

4/01/2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Marian Salzman
Chair, Havas PR
Marian Salzman, chair of Havas PR since 2011, wrote at Forbes this week about bad girl branding.  Salzman summarizes key points from Nancy Shenker, founder of the business development consultancy theONswitch.

Some advice if you want to brand yourself (or your company) as a bad girl (boy):

Don't be afraid to be the weird kid.

No one has ever been fired for innovation.

Confront bullies.

Use logic, facts and statistics to sell your ideas.

Be a big provocative in your choices of words and speech.

Bribing people with food and other treats always works.

Rise above the gossip, bitch slapping and emotional crap. It's not personal . . . it's business.