TWO BIC Teams Selected as Finalists in One Club's YOUNG ONES Competition!!

Coming off BIC's 2016 Gold Pencil win, The ONE Club has JUST announced two BIC teams as 2017 Finalists for its Young Ones Competition.

Chosen from a large, selective pool of international submissions (from Milan to Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro to Stockholm) by a jury of top industry professionals and educators, the BIC team of Enmanuel Vargas, Yulia Lesnichaya, Surabhi Govindarajan, and Tung-Han Lin will be winning a 2017 One Show Pencil for “VIDEALL,” a partnership proposal between two tech giants: Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Sign Language Translator. VIDEALL is a plug-in that converts audio, subtitles or closed captioning from online video into sign language  which will bring digital inclusion to the 360 million hearing impaired.

The BIC team of Sean Feol-Baugh, Kacy Charles, Fidel Frias, and Joseph Yoo will be MERIT award winners for “Three to Free,” a one-of-a-kind partnership between five of the world’s largest telecoms companies to help stop human trafficking. Facilitated by Partners Global, the telecoms will roll out the latest generation of emergency call tracking and create a single international emergency call number: 323. The service will automatically direct calls based on the country of origin to local law enforcement with specific location data so that all users may speak to someone in their native language. Individuals do not even need to speak to activate this service.

A BIG BIC Congrats to the both BIC teams with kudos going to the awesome guidance and support of BIC instructor Jason Stefanik and BIC Creative Track Director Gerardo Blumenkrantz

All finalists will be feted at the Awards Show during Creative Week in May and be included in the prestigious ONE Show Annual as well as online in the Young Ones Awards Archive. Finalists will find out if they’ve been selected to receive the very highest honors of a PENCIL at The Young One Awards ceremony and celebration at West Edge NYC on May 9th. 

As the Academy Award of the advertising industry, just being considered for a Pencil is ALMOST an award in itself. But actually WINNING a Pencil is a life changing honor. Will the BICsters win a Bronze? A Silver? A Gold?!?!? Stay tuned…

Below is a photo of last year's winners.

The LAGRANT Foundation Awards Three BICsters...once again!!

THREE BICsters have won the prestigious The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) Scholarship: Charisse Holder, Erica Lopez, and Sean Feol-Baugh.  In a powerhouse showing, they are among just 20 graduate students nationwide to receive a TLF scholarship whose winners share the foundation's mission of increasing ethnic diversity in the advertising, marketing and public relations industries.

This is the fourth year in a row -- in BIC's four year of existence -- that BIC students have been selected to win a highly selective The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship. Fred Garcia and Amber Jackson, BIC '15, Donna Dei-Baning, BIC '16, Dalisbeth Galvez, Melissa Julien, and Priscilla Parra (BIC '17) received the $5,000 scholarship in 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively. With the addition of this year's recipients, BIC has now received the most scholarships given to a school/program on the east coast, including NYU, Columbia, and all of CUNY.

Charisse, Erica, and Sean will each receive $3,750 and join students from such prestigious institutions as University of Chicago, Columbia, Emory, Syracuse, and Hampton University.

Prior to enrolling in BIC, Sean Feol-Baugh received a Bachelor's in Media and Communications from the University of the West Indies in 2011. In addition to winning first place in the 2017 CCNY Graduate Symposium, Sean will intern this summer at McCann Erickson as a 4A's MAIP winner. He is also part of a team that has won a 2017 Merit Award in The ONE Club's highly selective Young Ones Competition.  Charisse Holder received her Bachelor's in International Marketing from Baruch College. She received a second place prize in the 2017 CCNY Graduate Symposium. She currently works for Zipcar. Erica Lopez received her Bachelor's in English at SUNY Albany. She is the manager of development at Asphalt Green as well as a freelance journalist.

The LAGRANT Foundation’s 2017 scholarship recipients will be recognized during the 17th Anniversary Scholarship and Donor Recognition Reception in May. This is the first time in its history the Foundation will hold the annual reception in Detroit. Scholarship events will kick off with a welcome dinner followed by two days of career development workshops as well as a scholarship & donor recognition reception. During these activities, students will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals, network, and gain exposure to the advertising, marketing, and public relations world.

Since its inception in 1998, The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) has provided 372 scholarships and $1.98 million to continue its mission to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations. With the generous support of its major donors and supporters, TLF provides students with career & professional development workshops, scholarships, internships, entry-level positions and mentors to African American/Black, Alaska Native/Native American, Asian American/Pacific Islander and Hispanic/Latino undergraduate and graduate students.

BIC's number ONE. Oh, and also number TWO...

BICsters rocked the Great Hall Thursday night as four teams presented amazing projects at the 2017 CCNY Graduate Symposium.  Sponsored by the Graduate Student Council and now in its tenth year, the symposium is organized like an exhibition fair. Accepted presentations received a display table where grad students from all CCNY divisions pitched their projects to audience members and judges as they roamed the Great Hall.  By night’s end, the winners were announced. In the Humanities and Arts Division, BIC teams earned FIRST and SECOND place finishes. 

First place winners Sean Feol-Baugh, Kacy Charles, Joseph Yoo, and Fidel Frias presented their proposal called “Three to Free,” a one-of-a-kind partnership between five of the world’s largest telecoms companies to help stop human trafficking. Facilitated by Partners Global, the telecoms will roll out the latest generation of emergency call tracking and create a single international emergency call number: 323. The service will automatically direct calls based on the country of origin to local law enforcement with specific location data so that all users may speak to someone in their native language. Individuals do not even need to speak to activate this service.

Second place winner Charisse Holder presented research developed in Belle Frank’s B2000 course that used both quantitative and qualitative data to uncover usage patterns of the professional networking platform LinkedIn among millennials. Charisse found that younger millennials have access to more high tech apps and softwares that directly connect them with employers, making LinkedIn less relevant to them. She developed solutions that included providing a mentorship option, where employers and employees can actually connect. As Charisse concluded, suppliers such as LinkedIn must adapt to the growing needs of the customer rather than expect the consumers to naturally come to them.

A third BIC team made up of Ben Miftari, Marta Mugica Telleria, Namrata Kupte, and Naushi Perera presented their proposal for Foregood. Rather than give money to market research firms for consumer data, Foregood is a service that allows consumer to volunteer their data in exchange for giving money to a charity of their choice.  

Ben was also paired with Enmanual Vargas to present their project to promote gender equality by drawing attention to the pay gap between men and women. Accentuating the 22% difference, they proposed that during publications that relied on the talents of women (i.e., ALL publications) lop off 22% of their product so that consumers literally experience the inequality.  

Deep Dive into Dynamic Content

New technologies and consumer interaction have resulted in a dramatic change in the communications landscape that allows for more dynamic storytelling --  in content, structure, and interconnectivity. Over the course of two weekends, BICsters did a deep dive into what's what and what's coming...

We started on Saturday morning, March 25th, for a quick tutorial on how publishers are creating multi-media platforms and sensory rich environments to deliver information. To demonstrate the power of Marshal McLuhan's statement, "The medium is the message," BIC welcomed Graham Roberts (, Senior Editor in the Graphics Department of The New York Times who deconstructed one of the Time’s most popular video features “Bieber, Diplo & Skrillex Make a Hit,” as well as shared his most recent projects in Virtual Reality. 

Graham is a 5-time Emmy Awarded nominated Senior Editor at The New York Times, focusing on innovation in visual journalism. He leads a team that explores new approaches in video, motion graphics, virtual/augmented reality, and immersive visual storytelling. He has received recognition for his work from a number of award-giving bodies, including the Society of News Design, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Awards and the Pulitzer Awards.

Immediately following, we explored new opportunities in native advertising -- which must authentically mimic the environment in which it's placed. Melanie Deziel (, Branded Content Consultant, demonstrated new standards and best practices in branded content.  She’s the brains behind the lauded and award-winning "Women Inmates: Separate But Not Equal" by The New York Times TBrand Studio for Netflix.

Melanie is the founder of The Overlap League native ad newsletter and on the board of the Native Advertising Institute. She has done branded content strategy work for Time Inc's 35+ US magazines, the Huffington Post, and many other media companies, and worked as an Expert in Residence with BRaVe Ventures, where she offered content strategy consulting, training and advisory to Turner, Viacom, and other major media companies.

After lunch, we explored how the structure and content of storytelling changes from platform to platform with an amazing presentation from Gustavo Quintero, Senior Strategist, at Y&R. Gustavo spoke about the need to integrate different practices and ways of thinking in order to lead to the best work/content. A graduate of the University of Tennessee’s Advertising program, Gustavo started in data and analytics and shifted into brand planning with a focus on digital/social content. Currently at Y&R, he’s worked primarily across tech and finance space. His clients include Dell, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, optimum cable, and the ad council (digital literacy). 

We wrapped up the day talking about the future with Adriana Krasniansky, Senior Strategist at PSFK who presented the latest immersive and digital tools from PSFK’s Future of Advertising Report.  PSFK is the world's leading provider of innovation insights. Since 2004, it's offered the tools, content, and advice to inspire creative professionals to make better products, services, and experiences.  

By examining a new class of immersive and interactive digital tools, PSFK’s Future of Advertising report presents strategies that evolve the concept of digital advertising into seamless engagement between person and brand. With traditional advertising formats such as print, TV spots and web banners losing their impact and relevance, organizations must reframe their narrative to complement, or interact with, consumers' lives. 

Adriana is PSFK's senior strategist, working with advertising and retail brands to forecast future consumer behaviors and prepare next-generation business strategies. She has led trends research, concept development and prototyping for Coca-Cola, Google Fiber, Nike+ and Verizon. She is also the author of PSFK’s Future of Advertising Report, Future of Work Report, and Forecast 2020.

On Friday evening, March 31st, BICsters went to Facebook's New York Headquarters to explore how to build innovative creative in mobile feeds with Neisha Tweed, Creative Strategist at Facebook, who works with global brands and advertising agencies. Over the last 10 years Neisha has accumulated a huge trunk-load of awards for her copywriting and creative work at a number of ad agencies including Mcgarrybowen, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, GlobalHue and Ogilvy & Mather. She also taught writing at the Miami Ad School for 3 years.

After a dynamic presentation, BICsters had a fifteen minute work session where they had to use one of Facebook's latest apps such as Boomerang, Canvas, and FB Live to create a commercial for Mentos mints. Then they raided Facebook's kitchen and wrote on its wall...

Back on campus again Saturday morning, April, 1st, we explored the most dynamic content of all: immersive experiential campaigns that use multiple platforms in a synergistic, story-building way. Lukas Derksen, Managing Partner of Sid Lee, took us through some of Sid Lee's award-winning campaigns from Stella Artois to Northface.  

Entrepreneurial and highly motivated, Lukas excels in finding creative business solutions, managing large-scale teams, business development, business strategies, communications and art direction with special interests in sports, design, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and technology. Throughout his career, he has worked for many globally loved brands such as adidas, Absolut, Cirque du Soleil, Dom Perignon, Intel and facebook. As Managing Director & Partner of the transformative creative agency, Sid Lee, Lukas helped establish its New York City Office. Founded in 1992, Sid Lee calls itself The Agency Built for the Experience Economy. 

On Saturday afternoon, BICsters got to work to create dynamic campaigns of their own. For the last three hours of the course, BICsters work in four teams to create a multi-media campaign on behalf of either Planned Parenthood, Pantone, Live Sport, or Anti-Fetanyl. They were instructed to include four dynamic, synergistic platforms and make a visual presentations of their work. The judges Nancy Tag, Gerardo Blumenkrantz, Nick Scordato, and Omar Kardoudi were deadlocked in their decision and announced a four way tie vote at the end of the session (seriously -- no April Fool's joke).

SRO >> BIC Open House. Deadline Extended: Apply Today!

On Monday, March 20th, candidates for Fall admissions to the Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) Master's Program took a tour of the gorgeous City College campus and then gathered in Shepard Hall for cookies, coffee, and an overview of the program from Director Nancy R. Tag who announced exciting news for procrastinators: BIC has extended its admissions deadline to April 15th!!

Immediately following the BIC Open House, Sam Wolf, SVP of Havas PR, gave a presentation on being agile in public relations today. To the delight of our guests, she brought complimentary copies of Marian Salzman's latest book Agile PR. Many of the prospective students stuck around to sit in our Monday evening classes, either Brand Experience taught by Brian Crooks or Leadership, Ethics, and the Law taught by Angela Chitkara.    Sound kinda awesome? Then maybe it's time to take the leap and pursue your dream Master's in BIC at The City College of New York...

If you -- or a colleague -- are searching for a "get your hands dirty" master's degree in branding + integrated communications, let us introduce you to a new kind of graduate program. 

Our 36-credit, portfolio-driven Master's in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) let's you research, think, collaborate, create, and feed your curiosity in three interdisciplinary tracks -- 

Management & Planning | Creative | Public Relations

Here's how it works:

Enter curious.

From there, consider some questions: How do brands work in today's constantly evolving landscape? In what ways are emerging technologies shaping our understanding of the world we live in? Is it possible to make new connections and develop ideas in ways that will positively impact the future?

Study. Research. Think. Collaborate. Create. LEVEL UP...

Leave with a Master of Professional Studies and a portfolio. Real proof that you're no longer just curious; you've got advanced credentials.

Awesome, right? BICsters are awesome, too. 

They aren't just multi-talented, multi-cultural, and cross-disciplinary, but most are working professionals. Our classes are all held at night so you can come straight from work -- ask your boss about tuition reimbursement.  

In the four years since BIC launched, our grad students have been named ADCOLOR Future honorees, LAGRANT scholars, and MAIP winners. They won the 2016 Young Ones GOLD Pencil from The One Club. Alums have worked at Droga5, BBDO, SS+K, Cohn & Wolfe, Ketchum, Rabin Martin, VOX, 360i, GREY, DDB, Tribal, TBWA, Ogilvy, Y&R, The New York Times TBrand Studio... 

And imagine this: a BIC MASTER's degree allows you to study (and work) in New York City for a total in-state tuition cost of only $28,000 (more for out-of-state residents).

NOW, no excuses: The application deadline has been extended to April 15th. Click here for graduate admissions and step-by-step instructions on how to apply. For more information on the BIC program, go to BIC's CCNY site

Bootcamp for Butt-Kicking BIC Portfolios

In the first week of March, BIC held its third annual PORTFOLIO BOOTCAMP. Taking advantage of a week off from the usual slate of classes, our graduating students got the chance to work intensely on their portfolios with the help of visiting professionals who provided design, content, and storytelling expertise. Each night was themed around a topic such as Self Branding, Design, Interface, Interdisciplinary Case Studies, and Troubleshooting -- as well as dinner: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and BBQ.

BICsters arrived at the Bootcamp fresh from the March 3rd BIC PiP (Portfolio-in-Progress) Recruitment Event where industry talent agents gave them advice and guidance. This enabled students to come to the bootcamp with notes in hand, detailed plans, ready to go.

Our professional mentors offered invaluable expertise and next-level feedback giving BIC students all the insider tips, trick, and tools they'll need to perfect their portfolios for what we expect will be standout presentations on Portfolio Thesis Defense day May 30th. We were especially excited to welcome back some BIC alums who are now successful pros -- and truly know how to bring a BIC portfolios to life.

If you are a branding and marketing communications professional working in creative, public relations, or planning and strategy and available on May 30th, email We are actively organizing our panels of thesis judges!

Big BIC thanks to our AMAZING guest mentors this year!

DENISE BYRD  CD/CW and Storytelling Expert 
Denise Byrd freelances as a writer and consults with boutique agencies, entrepreneurs and nonprofits to solve branding and communications challenges. As an advertising Copywriter and Creative Director, she produced numerous content videos on a variety of high profile brands.

Denise has 15+ years of experience as a versatile and creatively-driven brand builder, skilled at managing the development of digital content and traditional advertising. She is an innate storyteller, consistently able to express a brand’s voice and weave its narrative across all media, including TV, print, digital, social, and experiential. You can follow Denise on Twitter @byrddee.

Chelsea is a Creative Director specializing in experiential communications. She has drive and passion for innovation in communications and translating creative ideas into interactive experiences.

During Chelsea’s work at Momentum Worldwide, she led creative on an award-winning VR experience You Vs. Sharapova, a fully interactive, consumer facing virtual reality experience using HTC Valve technology, created with ReelFX and housed inside the American Express Fan Experience at the US Open. For the launch of the tournament she produced the world’s first hydro-interactive Rally on the River, another award-winning world’s first.

PAT FORD Worldwide Vice Chair / Chief Client Officer,  Burson-Marsteller 
Patrick Ford became Burson-Marsteller’s vice chairman and chief client officer in 2012, following six years of driving extraordinary growth in North America as Burson’s regional president and CEO. He also served as chair of the firm’s Asia-Pacific region for nearly three years (2012-2015).

Mr. Ford specializes in corporate reputation management, senior executive communications, media strategy, and issues and crisis management. His clients over 26 years at Burson-Marsteller have ranged from world-class companies in industries as diverse as automotive, energy, express delivery services, services, financial services, food and beverage, management consulting, technology, and telecommunications, and also government clients in the U.S. and Asia.

Before joining Burson-Marsteller, he served as vice president for external affairs at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, one of America’s leading policy think tanks, in Washington, DC, following a brief career as a journalist.

JUDITH JONES Principal Consultant, Judith  H. Jones Communications
Judith is an organizational communications leader with extensive and diversified communications experience. She’s passionate about using good communication practices and tools to engage employees and bring people together to accomplish great things. She loves improving communication inside a company, and building internal networks--offline and online.

She’s worked with C-Suite executives and HR, CSR, talent, marketing and social media leaders and has expertise in producing strategic plans and developing compelling messages. Judith is known for creative approaches that cut through the noise, demonstrating grace under pressure, working in a consultative/inclusive style, and achieving objectives on time/on budget.

MARK BROOKS  Brand Director, Behance
Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and art director born in Barcelona. He moved to New York in 2002 where he grew up as a designer and where he lived and worked until 2007. 

He’s had the privilege of participating in design conferences, exhibits, and lectures and enjoyed working for clients such as NIKE, Lufthansa, Villar-Rosàs, The New York Yankees, Behance Network, Estrella Damm, NBA, Club Razzmatazz, SantaMonica, Magro Cardona and LT Burger New York, among others. You can follow Mark on Twitter @justmarkbrooks. 

CASSONDRA BAZELOW  Freelance Senior Art Director
Cassondra is a freelance senior art director who strives to make conceptual work. She’s taught AT&T how to speak Klingon, made a stud appear from a bottle of Sun Laundry detergent, showed an old fashioned French lotion brand how to advertise on Snapchat, and scored some major industry cred with a lovable recruiter bot. 

She’s worked at a number of New York agencies including Big Spaceship, Iris Worldwide, VaynerMedia, BBDO, and Tribal Worldwide.

CASTRO DESROCHES  Art Director, Droga5
Castro Desroches was born and raised in New York. Most first-generation Haitians born in the U.S. traditionally have parents who inflict a great deal of pain upon them in molding them into doctors, lawyers or anything else they perceive as practical. Thankfully, Castro’s parents didn’t take that path and, by chance, he still turned out great.

Castro attended school at the City College of New York for both his undergraduate degree in Design and Multimedia and his graduate degree in Branding + Integrated Communications. Upon graduating, he landed a feature in Adweek exhibiting his creative use of Instagram for his portfolio, which received praise from all over the country, and then led to his start at Droga5.

Prior to becoming a Droga5 he worked on brands such as Colgate, Ducati, Xerox, Pfizer, Alcon and Lyrica while working with Y&R, CDM Group and HAVAS.

Kim Kappmeyer is a recent graduate of General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive program and works as a UX Designer at DIRECTV.  She’s a naturally curious and empathic person who loves to learn, solve problems, create things, and observe human interactions in the world. She’s found a true passion for user experience and user interface design.

Kim comes from a content management background in the publishing industry. Her experience as a Production Editor consisted of project management and editing print and digital products on fast paced schedules.

VANESSA AOKI Senior Video Editor, Publicis NA
A native of Brazil, Vanessa is a Senior Video Editor with 15+ years of experience working in Advertising.

She often collaborates on projects to create relevant storytelling in digital and traditional media. From testimonial videos, to traditional TVC, behind the scenes, case studies, sizzle reels and rich media campaigns.

Clients ranging from Citibank, to L’Oréal, Cadillac, P&G brands, BMW, Lancôme, Humira, Cosmopolitan magazine, Ad Council to name some.

ANDY KWAN  Brand Analyst, FutureBrand
With a problem-solving mindset, Andy is keen to have thorough undertstanding of clients’ challenges. By putting himself in different target audiences’ shoes and utilizes various research tools, Andy provides a 360° perspective analysis.

Prior to joining FutureBrand, Andy worked as a communications specialist at Hunter College. He worked with the Office of Student Communications in developing strategic communication plans to engage with prospective students. Analized and identified areas that can be improved and outline a strategy to implement changes. Responsible for creating branded contents for various channels, including website, social media, email, and print. Ensuring all communication materials align with the school’s overall brand identity, strategic goals and objectives. Reported directly to the Director of OSC and provide tactical communication assistance.

Andy received a Master Degree in Branding + Integrated Communication from City College of New York, where he was rewarded with the New York Advertising Club scholarship when he was accepted in the program in 2014.

SIMEON COKER Senior Copywriter, Edelman
Simeon is a senior copywriter with a penchant for getting lost on his bike while coming up with clever words and strategic ideas to sell anything. 

So far he’s worked at R/GA [Nike, Verizon, Keen Home], Momentum Worldwide [William Grant & Sons, American Express, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Coca Cola], Deutsch Inc. [PNC Bank and Snuggle] and Draft FCB NY [Jamaica Tourism, Amtrak, Fisher Price,Busch Gardens Park]. His creative experience has allowed him to work across every marketing specialty; digital, traditional, and experiential. 

He’s currently working in PR/Communications Marketing at Edelman on various Unilever brands and Trojan.

YANIN DE JESUS Marketing Creative/Web Developer
Her name is Yanin De Jesus, but you can call her Nina for short! BIC’s Creative Grad of ‘15, Yanin is a professor for College Now serving the Bronx Community College Campus, teaching Web Design this spring. She’s also the Marketing Creative for The Upper Breast Side, a breastfeeding resource center. Yanin is an expert at back-end programming and web apps, as well as Photoshop and InDesign. She loves to code as much as she loves to design and conceptualize, so she finds herself doing both at the same time!

AHMET REISLI Associate, Digital Strategy and Design, RooneyPartners
Ahmet Reisli is an Associate in the digital strategy practice at RooneyPartners. At the firm he executes digital, SEO and website strategy and development for a wide range of clients in financial services, basic industry and healthcare. Ahmet is Google Adword and Bing Ads certified and holds a master’s degree in Branding + Integrated Communications at the City University of New York, with a specialization in public relations. He also possesses a strong marketing and creative design background.

BIC PiP Recruiting Event: SRO -- plus BBQ

Once again, the BIC PiP (Portfolio-in-Progress) provided an opportunity for Industry Talent Cultivators, Super Star Seekers, and Career Catalysts to come to campus and meet the future. This one-of-a-kind event not only gave recruiters a sneak peek at BICster portfolios months before they’re done, it was a chance for industry experts to provide valuable feedback as students level up their portfolios before receiving their Master’s degree in May. Plus, everyone was treated to lunch from Dinosaur BBQ.

Because all BIC students — from public relations and management students to art directors and copywriters — must create a process + product portfolio in order to graduate from the 36-credit, 2-year Master’s degree program, recruiters were treated to PiPs that showcased a whole spectrum of skills and passions. Students were encouraged to spend time with recruiters from outside of their disciplines to gain new perspectives and insights. 

Representatives from agencies such as Burson-Marsteller, DeVries Global, DiMassimo Goldstein, Droga5, Edelman, FCB, FlipIntros, FutureBrand, Gravity, Grayling, GREY, IdeaCatalystNEXT, JWT, Jack Morton, Ketchum, Landor, Maxus, McCann, Ogilvy & Mather, QuinnPR, RGA, SS+K, TBWA, The Advertising Club, VML, and Weber Shandwick got to select from among 28 of BIC’s soon-to-be grads in “speed” sessions of 12 minutes each.

“Portfolio-in-Progress is a BIC innovation. It’s a laboratory in which we invite people from the industry to take a sneak peek of our students’ work before its polished. This way, they are invested in our students as well as the process,” states Nancy R. Tag, Professor and Program Director of the Master’s in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC).

The BIC students represent multi-talented, multi-disciplined, and multi-cultural students from across our nation and the world. The program, established in the fall of 2013, identified the need for a new pool of applicants to meet the demands of industry and its clients for interdisciplinary leadership. Each May, BIC will graduate around 30 graduate students ready to lead this dynamic, ever-evolving world of communications. Situated in the media capital of the world, BIC allows students to study the discipline at its nexus -- a coup for recruiters who can access a deep pool of talent just a subway ride away.

For more photos of the day, please see our gallery