2 Robs @ BIC in 2018

This Spring, BIC welcomes Board Members Rob Schwartz, CEO of TBWA/Chiat/Day NY, and Rob Norman, Former CEO/CDO of GroupM, to campus as lecturers in our @BIC Series.

On Monday, February 26th, our favorite disruptor Rob Schwartz will present "The Seven Stories," his take on how seven basic archetypal stories are used every day to build brands.  On Monday, April 16th, the industry's eminent trend-watcher Rob Norman will look back on his years in the business in his lecture "Thirty Years of Curiosity: A Survivor's Guide to the Ad Biz."

These events are open to public. To reserve your seat, please RSVP to bic@ccny.cuny.edu.

#PRDiversity: The Struggle is Real Wins the 2018 SABRE Innovation Excellence Award

Following a cocktail party reception at the Intercontinental Hotel in New York City, BIC Professor Angela Chitkara was awarded the 2018 SABRE for Most Innovative Project at the University Level for her research on diversity in the public relations industry. She took to the stage to thank the industry's support and efforts to put D&I in the forefront of talent development, retention, and innovation.

In collaboration with The Holmes Report, Angela Chitkara first previewed her diversity and inclusion research in a Town Hall meeting at The City College of New York in May and then presented more advanced findings in July before CEOs, Diversity and Inclusion Officers, students, and faculty. The research, #PRDiversity: The Struggle is Real: Meeting Business Objectives with a 2020 Mindset, focuses on the role of the CEO in Diversity and Inclusion primarily.

Her May event gave industry CEOs the floor to answer some of the questions raised in the research. CEOs Peter Harris of GraylingHeidi Hovland of DeVries GlobalBrad MacAfee of Porter Novelli, and Rob Flaherty of Ketchum engaged the audience in panel discussion. 

About the SABRE Awards: Considered the world's biggest PR awards program, dedicated to benchmarking the best PR work from across the globe, this year's Innovation SABRE Award entries “spanned an impressive breadth — the work touched on cultural moments, the political climate, social movements, technological change and, in some cases, unearthed innovation in unexpected places.” Click here to see all the nominees  http://bit.ly/2Goz1aS

About The Holmes Report: The Holmes Report is the authoritative voice of the global public relations industry, dedicated to proving and improving the value of public relations by providing insight, knowledge and recognition to public relations professionals.

Don't Miss This Year's BIC PiP!!

Hey Talent Cultivators, Super Star Searchers, and Career Catalysts!!

It comes once a year. And THIS year, the BIC PiP is on Friday, March 16th. 

What’s a PiP? It’s BIC's Portfolio-in-Progress event — a one-day opportunity for recruiters to get a “sneak peek” at portfolios as they are in development. This gives industry reps the unique opportunity to give feedback to students two months before their Portfolio Defense in May. You can engage more substantively with students because the relationship is not transactional. You’ll not only be able to preview great talent before it hits the marketplace, but get to cultivate your ideal candidate: you’ll actually get to see your feedback in action at the next job interview. 
BIC is the only master’s degree program to teach branding and communications in an integrated way. The program is portfolio-driven which means that ALL students (not just art directors and writers, but managers, planners, and public relations practitioners) must create and defend a portfolio to professionals in order to graduate. Those portfolios are high-level and built over the course of the students’ two years in the program. 

Who are BICsters? Most of our students are working professionals, super-motived and savvy. They’ve Idea catalysts. Culture creators. Social Do-Gooders. Communication strategists. Creative managers. PR activators. Conceptualizers. Wordsmiths. Designers. Brand galvanizers. Problem solvers. Forward thinkers. Lateral thinkers. Deep thinkers. Non-Bloviators... BICsters have earned undergraduate degrees at schools such as Yale, RISD, Dartmouth, Hunter, Lehigh, Rochester, Bard, and Science Po. Since BIC's launch in 2013, BICsters have won five MAIPs, nine The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarships, and two GOLD Pencils at The ONE Show. 

BIC alums have rocked it at communications agencies such as Droga5, Y&R, HunterPR, Berlin Rosen, FutureBrand, 360i, Y&R, Cohen & Wolf, TBWA/Chiat/Day, RooneyPartners, and BBDO as well as companies such as Nestle, NYTimes Brand Studio, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Vox, and the NAACP.

If you’re interested in attending please RSVP to bic@ccny.cuny.edu or CLICK here >> on the BIC Eventbrite page. Feel free to share, but space is limited so PLEASE RSVP. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Spring BIC Open House

If you -- or a colleague -- are searching for a "get your hands dirty" master's degree in communications, let us introduce you to a new kind of graduate program. Our 36-credit, portfolio-driven Master's in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) let's you research, think, collaborate, create, and feed your curiosity in three interdisciplinary tracks --  Management & Planning, Creative, and Public Relations.

Curious? On Monday, February 26th, BIC opens its doors to inquisitive candidates interested in applying to the BIC Master's Program for Fall 2018. The afternoon begins at 4:30 in Shepard Hall when Director Nancy R. Tag serves cookies and coffee while giving potential grad students an overview of the BIC Program. Attendees will be rewarded with a FREE admissions application — CCNY will waive the fee to everyone who signs in.  Then don't delay: the deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is April 1st. 

Stick around. At 6:00PM, BIC holds its first @BIC Lecture of the semester: "The Seven Stories" by BIC Board Member and TBWA/Chiat/Day NY Rob Schwartz.  No matter how innovative a marketing campaign may seem, no matter how new or different its premise appears, Rob contends that it can be reduced to one of seven basic archetypal themes. Based on Christopher Booker's book The Seven Basic Plots, Rob will explore how the seven stories can guide a firm in discovering what story its brand should tell. 

Immediately following, candidates are invited to sit in on B2003 Brand Experience, a foundational BIC course taught by Pentagram Creative Director Brian Crooks. Hungry for more? Grab a bite in the neighborhood. Mention CCNY BIC for a special 10% Off Discount at FUMO, our favorite Italian restaurant, at 139th and Amsterdam for Dinner.  Valid 2/26/18 only.   

Marcus Graham Project Picks Natalie Alcide for iCR8 Fellowship

Some background >> The inspiration for the Marcus Graham Project's iCR8™ program was posed in a blog written by Tiffany R. Warren, Chief Diversity Officer of The Omnicom Group and Founder of the AdColor Industry Coalition:
“One idea proposed is the creation of an industry sponsored advertising “bootcamp.” Such a camp could assist those agencies who need to diversify, but are worried about lack of advertising experience in potential candidates. This would also help professionals yearning to be free from other sectors hit the ground running when they enter ours.” (“The Big Tent,” Ad Age Blog)
The goal of iCR8™ programs to do just as Ms. Warren suggested, identify opportunities in the industry and those interested in pursuing them. The curriculum design was inspired by the 1969 Agency Primer written by Bill Sharp entitled, “How to Be Black And Get a Job in The Advertising Business Anyway.” 
From the site >> Approaching its 9th year, the Marcus Graham Project’s experiential learning methodology is specifically designed to provide diverse aspirants in the field of marketing and media, including advertising, PR & social media with the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the industry. 
The selected participants in iCR8™ programs form themselves into a pop-up agency that they will run as they manage the clients that they will partner with. Each year, the selected team typically provides consultancy for a select non-profit organization, as well as a large corporation and a start-up.

The MPS versus the MBA

When considering a graduate program for professional advancement, many seek out a Master of Business Administration or MBA. But BIC provides another another option that’s a bit less known: the Master of Professional Studies or MPS.  Since both focus on business careers, many candidates applying to the BIC program often ask: what’s the difference?

A typical MBA requires 60 credits (600 class hours) of graduate work and prepares graduates for such jobs as business analyst or strategist, management consultant, project manager, and operations analyst. An MPS is also an industry-related degree which is more application than research driven. It requires fewer credits for completion, usually between 30-40 credits, and can take anywhere from one to two years to complete. Like the MBA, an MPS is a terminal degree, often applied to interdisciplinary studies. The MPS equivalent among professional degrees includes the Master of Public Administration (MPA), the Master of Social Work (MSW), the Master of Business Administration (MBA), and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA), among others. Other universities in the New York City area that offer the MPS are Cornell, St. John's, NYU, and the School of Visual Arts. While less common than an MBA, it is a nationally recognized degree.

The only CUNY college to offer an MPS is The City College of New York (CCNY). Its Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) MPS is 36-credit, portfolio-driven program that combines theory and practice in an interdisciplinary, multi-tracked curriculum. BIC addresses the expanding opportunities and needs of marketing communications industries on behalf of both private and not-for-profit organizations. The program seeks to urgently address and shape the new cross-disciplinary challenges of creating and managing brand identity at a time when global, digital and more immersive -- even tactile -- communications are rapidly evolving and technology is constantly changing.

Making Orphans Belong -- Surabhi Govindarajan Wins the 2018 DezMax Scholarship

Congratulations to Surabhi Govindarajan (BIC '18), this year's winner of the DezMax Scholarship! Her submission beautifully fulfilled the criteria of the award which asks BICsters to develop a project that champions a cause with persuasion, passion, and charisma.

Surabhi's project is based on a simple, yet powerful truth: we all want to know where we come from. But what if you're a refugee who's been orphaned as a result of famine, war, or political upheaval? It is estimated that there are currently 143 million orphans and/or abandoned children in the world -- this number is equivalent to half the population in the United States. So Surabhi created "Belong" which proposes a partnership between UNICEF and MyHeritage to provide DNA testing to these orphaned children.
Her submission included a strategic framework, key stakeholders, a business model, as well as communications material to put the issue in the spotlight and make Belong part of the solution. The proposal demonstrated the type of social impact that would've made Desmond Maxwell proud.

ABOUT the Desmond Maxwell Cause + Charisma Scholarship. As a student in BIC's inaugural Class of 2015, Desmond was a successful media consultant, boastful undergraduate of City College, and proud member of the US Marine Corps, having served with distinction. He often said with great pride that he was “born and buttered in Harlem.” Dez was not just a charismatic man, but a generously supportive and inspiring classmate who championed causes that were close to his heart. Sadly, Dez died just before he was able to graduate. However, through the generosity of classmates, BIC Board Members, and friends (with a special shout out to GroupM), BIC was able to set up the DezMax Scholarship in his honor. Each year, a BIC student is awarded up to $4,000 for a submission that best demonstrates a communications-based solution to a societal problem. 

Interested in donating to the DezMax Scholarship fund? Ask bic@ccny.cuny.edu how...