New BICsters Are Ready to Lead the Future

9/06/2018 Unknown 0 Comments

At BIC, we're reinventing the industry. So we choose our students carefully. This year's crop of 37 brilliant BICsters is ready to take on the industry's many challenges by thinking independently together – across silos. 

Our program’s diversity – of background and thinking – is one of our strengths. 

Of the 196 countries in the world, City College has students from 85% of them. So it’s no wonder BIC’s Class of 2020 boasts international students from Brazil, China, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Russia, and Venezuela. Not to mention students whose families are from the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Iran, Morocco, and Jamaica... Plus native New Yorkers from every single borough.

Hiring and retaining talent that represents the people being marketed to is critical for ad agencies and advertisers. City College is one of the most ethnically diverse in colleges in the nation and the new BICsters are no exception. In addition to its rich ethnic diversity, this year’s class also has a great gender balance and range of ages – from the early 20s to the mid 40s.

Since integration is the future, this year's BICsters are a curious and collaborative lot. Some have undergrad degrees in advertising, PR, marketing and communications. But many have studied farther afield, with degrees in Psychology, Linguistics, Criminal Justice, Economics, Japanese, Politics, and Art History. 

BICsters have received their degrees from a wide range of illustrious universities, from City College to Hunter and John Jay, from Emory University to Syracuse, from The American University of Beirut to Copenhagen Business School – and beyond.

The Class of 2020’s first chance to meet each other – and the BIC faculty – came on August 22nd. During their day-long orientation at CCNY, the new grad students learned all about City College and about BIC. They also learned about each other through a creative, hands-on Design Thinking exercise.  

New BICsters also had a chance to pick the brains of former BICsters. BIC Alumni Ambassadors Javier Garcia, Andy Kwan and Tiffanie Burt gamely agreed to a real-time AMA (Ask Me Anything) session – which resulted in only a few embarrassing moments. 😏

Some members of the Class of 2019 also showed up to drop a bit of wisdom and share a few beers with the newest BICsters during an inter-class BIC mixer at Hogshead Tavern.
Welcome Class of 2020! Where you lead, the advertising, PR and communications industries will surely follow.